Mike Mathis - Madside

March 3, 2005

Photo Credit: www.chipsterpr.com

Tell me a little about your band.

We've been together about three years now and just been in the northern California area. Redding's up north from Sacramento. We've played Sacramento, Chico, and the northern California area opening up for bands like Adema and just different acts like that. After that, our manager knew this start up label EVO that was coming together and sent them our stuff. We just evolved from there. We went down and played for them at the Viper Room.

What got you into wanting to be in a band as a career?

A chick. Nah. In general, just to actually do a record and get out and play. It's just too much fun.

The person who produced your debut album, Sylvia Massy Shivy, took a really serious interest in you guys.

Yeah, which is cool because we had a lot of different material. We just bounced a lot of different shit off of her song wise.

You guys started off with some really heavy material that lightened up a little bit.

Well, we didn't really just lighten it up. It was more like different songs that were in different earlier parts of the band.

Tell me a little bit about your album.

As far as the music goes, we had lighter songs and some of the heavier stuff but it was pretty much where we wrote a lot of tunes for the record and it came down to just picking the best stuff. We went up to Sylvia's. She has a studio up in Weed, CA and it's in this old movie theater. We stayed up top above it and just worked on tunes. We're excited about the record. It's one of the things where we just felt that all the songs fit well together.

Writing a lot of songs and having to dwindle them down to 11 songs, how did you manage to do that?

Well, I think it was just the amount of time that we had to make the record. A lot of bands spend a long time and a lot of money making records and we didn't want to do that. We just wanted to make the band raw and just pick the most energetic songs. A lot of the stuff we were playing live already. It just lent itself to just choose these songs or some of the heavier stuff is cool and so on. That was it.

When you're on a limited budget, it's hard to spend fistfuls of money making a record.

Yeah, the record that we got, we spent enough money on it to make it where we were happy with it and then carried on.

This is your first album you did. Who does the writing? Is it all of you guys together?

Yeah, it just depends on the songs. Brian will play a riff over the phone sometimes and one of the songs on the record worked its way that way. A lot of times we'll just go down to the rehearsal room. It just comes together that way pretty much. I'll take a lot of the music home to my house and sing on it there.

You guys are being played on a lot of different radio stations. It looks like it's pretty much all over the country. Clear across the country.

Yeah, we're starting to get going on radio. We're out with Hed PE which we're really excited with. We're out in Baltimore tonight.

"Enemy" is the single you have out now. What do you see as your next single?

What do you think it should be?

I like the song "Sinking In" actually.

Oh really? That's cool.

Are there any songs on the record you enjoy playing live?

Yeah, I love playing "Sinking In". The first track is fun. All of it's really fun for us. When you write something, that's one of the highs for us. To be able to write something. Have it crank out and get it out there a little bit.

How long has the tour been going on?

We actually just hooked up with them. This is our first show.

How long will you be on the road with them?

Quite a while and then we're doing some radio shows. We're doing one with Powerman 5000 and a couple of other people. I think it wraps up around the 16th or 17th of March. We're going to go out and do Florida and New Orleans and we'll play Atlanta tomorrow night. We'll be out with them. It'll be fun.

Have you guys been doing a lot of touring?

Yeah, we started off when we got done with the record. We went out with Tesla because of some of the connections from the Sacramento area. Which was really cool because it bridged the gap of old and new and then we went out with this other band, Domeshots. We went out and played up in the Northwest and down into Phoenix and stuff like that. It was cool.

After you guys are done with this tour and the festival stuff, what else do you have planned?

Just some I'm sure touring and touring and touring. Then some more touring after that.

How many songs off the record do you get to play during your set?

We'll play 10 songs tonight. It's about a 35 minute set. We get a lot of the record in. We're playing some other songs that aren't on the record as well. We're out with Hed PE and we're not the most heavy stuff. We've got other stuff that we're able to shift gears and play. It'll be interesting to see. We're just going to go up there and do what we do and crank it up and go for it. Our influences are pretty cool. Everything from metal to old school. AC/DC and so on. I love Priest's Screaming For Vengeance. It's one of my favorite records.

Any other thoughts or comments?

To be honest with you, if it wasn't for people like you guys that show the inside end of music for the fans, it opens up a lot of doors for people to hear about new bands. So rock on and right back at you.