Derek Sanders, Jeremy Lenzo, Alex Garcia, Brooks Betts, & Jake Bundrick - Mayday Parade

June 16, 2007

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Tell me a little bit about the band.

Basically there were two bands in Tallahassee. We’re from Tallahassee, Florida. There’s a band called Defining Moment and a band called Kid Named Chicago and half of us were in one and half of us were in the other. We were friends and we played a lot of shows together and just at one point we each had problems with other members in the band. We decided to quit our bands and start a new one and that’s about a year and a half ago now that we did that. That’s how it all got started.

Marital issues as it were. You guys are coming out with a new record in July. Tell me a little bit about that.

It’s called A Lesson In Romantics. It comes out July 10th and we’re all really excited about it. It’s our first full length record that any of us have ever done and we’re definitely just super excited about it. We’re really happy about the songs. Everything about it is great we think. We’re just kind of nervous to see how the next year goes and see how it does. We don’t know what to expect yet.

Tell me a little bit about the songs on the record and how you would define your sound.

I think for anybody that has the EP, I think it compares really well with the EP. I feel like it’s a lot more powerful musically and lyrically than the EP but I think it’s still the same kind of music. I think it’s just as catchy and just more powerful really. That’s just what I feel about it anyway.

Are any of the songs on your EP on the new record or does the new one have all new songs?

There’s this one song called “When I Get Home You‘re So Dead“. That’s a song off the EP that we re-recorded for the new CD.

Tell me about two or three of the songs.

There’s one track that’s just a piano and vocal track that we did. That was a lot of fun for me because I’ve always liked doing stuff like that. The piano that we used in the studio was the same one that Elton John used for one of his albums there so that was kind of neat. A lot of them have to do with different issues. Most of the album was written I guess probably back in September, October, and November out there. We were on tour then and a lot of us had girlfriends back at home and a lot of the songs have to do with relationships with girlfriends back at home and how hard it is to keep a relationship while you’re on the road. A lot of the songs have to do with that. It’s a big theme on the CD I guess.

Is it really tough to keep a relationship going?

Yeah, it is. Most of us are not dating the girls that we were dating back in September and October after we had the songs written.

Are you guys really gone all that much?

We are yeah, definitely. Especially coming up soon we will be. We’ve been out since May 12th now. We’ve been out for over a month and we’ll be home for 10 days in July but then we’re gone again up until the end of September. We’ll be out for a month and a half right straight after that. So for the next couple of months we’ll be home for 10 days and that’s it. So yeah, we’re gone a good bit of the time.

That’s so funny because I have a boy toy that lives in L.A. and I see him in between tours. I like that relationship.

I think a lot of it is maturity. It takes a lot of patience and maturity to date someone who’s gone that much especially when you’re young. If you’re 19 or 20 years old it’s like what’s the point in having this relationship when I hardly get to see the person.

The older you get the more fun that actually is. So you guys are on Warped tour.

Yeah, we’re doing about two and a half weeks about. We’re doing a little stint of it on the Ernie Ball stage and then two weeks on the Smartpunk stage. There’s a small chance we might try and do some more. I’m not for sure how valid that is but we’d love to do as much as we possibly can.

That’s such a fucking cool tour. I like going to that.

Yeah, definitely.

Do you guys go to that tour?

We have in the past. The past two years we’ve been selling CDs at it. Before that I used to go. It started when I was 16 or so. I used to go to the Warped tour.

Do you guys have any major touring plans? Like opening up for any main acts.

As of now all that’s set up is we’re doing Warped tour and straight after that we’re doing a tour with As Cities Burn and Jonezetta and Alesana and I think one other band but I’m not actually sure. That’s right after Warped tour and then after that, there’s nothing set up yet. We’re going to stay out as much as we can.

Do you think that Warped tour is going to give you a lot of exposure?

We hope so. I can’t wait to meet all of the bands and actually feel like we’re a part of the tour. I’m real excited about that.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Go buy the record. If you come to a show, come hang out. We like to meet everybody and hang out with people. We’re really friendly and thanks everybody on the street team.

Mayday Parade