Justin Morrell - Permanent Me

January 15, 2007

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Tell me how Permanent Me started.

Well, I play bass in Permanent Me. This lineup of Permanent Me started about a year and a half ago. Brian, Joe, and Mike have been jamming in different bands for a while and they just got together after a year or so of playing in different Long Island local bands. I joined in the summer because we all met basically through mutual friends in the local scene so we all started talking and basically I had just left my band so I came in and started playing bass and thatís when the four of us clicked. Itís been good ever since.

How did you guys come up with the name Permanent Me?

We went through a plethora of names and we chose weird names and basically Brian threw out the name Permanent Me. He basically was picking words out of the air and we all brought it to Mike and Joe. We discussed it for a few weeks. We were kind of iffy about it but we just went with it.

I think itís a cool name. I know itís kind of hard to come up with good names.

Yeah, we were like Permanent Me. Okay, whatever.

You guys released your record After The Room Clears. Tell me a little about it.

Itís a good pop record. The album is 12 good pop friendly and rock friendly songs that just have whole different meanings to each one of them. Thereís not one same song on the album from the same genre.

So you have a good variety of songs on the record.

Yeah, absolutely. Every one of them.

When you record your records, what kind of musical styles are you into and what do you mix up?

Weíre all into a bunch of things. I know Brian is into old classic rock, punk, and even new rock. I listen to more softer acoustical bass, piano stuff, and a lot of the newer rock out now. We try not to limit ourselves to a certain style or genre. We try to be good musicians and whatever comes out comes out. What sounds good and feels good, we record it.

Tell me about two or three songs that are your favorites and what the thought processes were behind them.

My favorite song is called ďBy The TimeĒ which is a hard hitting simple song. Itís verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus and it has a whole different heavy feel. The verses are really rockier and heavier and the choruses are like a pop chorus. Itís a really good formula. Itís probably my favorite. ďHeartattackĒ is a good song that I really like. Itís not something that the average teeny bopper might understand but it was something that as a musician and some fans as musicians would understand and enjoy. I like that song a lot. I like them all really.

I like that answer. I get that a lot. Who does the majority of the writing or does everyone contribute equally?

Brian will come up with a flat summary of the songs. Heíll bring it together as a skeleton. Heíll have a simple choric formula and a vocal melody and heíll bring it to us and then weíll put our own spins on it which I think is the best way. We all have different feels so when we combine and bring it together it has a really good finish so thatís how it works.

When you write your lyrics what do you guys like to write about?

Normal shit.

So do you like to write about fun shit rather than serious shit?

Not fun goofball shit. Just normal shit. Something that everybody can relate to because we are all normal people. We write happy melodies with dark lyrics.

How did the tour with Fall Out Boy in January go?

It was awesome. We got to play in front of at least 2,000 kids a night which was amazing. Weíre used to playing in front of 300 or 400 kids a pop. We were selling out ballrooms. Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City is just something else. We got to play with bands that we actually respected.

Was that your first major tour in front of crowds like that or had you done that before?

It was our first huge major tour. We actually did a tour in May with a band called Cartel which is playing tonight. It was sold out clubs. That was probably our first big tour. It was our first major one in the U.S.

Do you feel more nervous playing in front of a shitload of people?

I think anxious. We were all super anxious to play in front of everyone. Of course we all had the butterflies but playing in front of all those kids was amazing. We just took our nerves and just brought them up. We were super anxious and super happy. It was more of a dream thing. It was awesome. I think Iíd rather play in front of 10,000 people than three people. Itís more of a nervous thing when you know everybody is right there. Like three or four people right there.

You guys have been out on the road for quite some time since December 4th.

Yeah, weíve definitely been doing tours on and off since May actually. Weíve been pretty consistent on the road since December. We love it though. If it was our choice weíd be out all the time. Itís a good escape from reality.

How is the Boys Like Girls tour going?

Itís going really good. Theyíre playing right now. Itís going awesome. All the bands like weíre really good friends with Boys Like Girls and Cartel. Weíve done tours together before so itís like touring with your best friends. They treat us all awesome. Itís really, really cool. The kids are really awesome.

Itís nice to be on tour with people you actually know and youíre comfortable with.

Yeah, itís like a reunion. Weíre hanging out on Cartelís bus and with Boys Like Girls. Itís really cool. We look up to the guys in Cobra Starship and this band called Midtown. Thatís what we grew up listening to.

You guys did a Christmas song.

Yeah, we did. Brian wrote an acoustic Christmas song for an acoustic sampler for our label. A lot of them were doing covers and we decided to do an original. It was cool and definitely Christmas.

Thatís a cool thought. You guys did a video for the song ďCome NowĒ.

Yeah, it was a live video that we did at our labelís house with this lady Sara who owns Stolen Transmission Records. We were hanging out at her house and Brian did an acoustic. We recently just did a video, a full band video for a song on our new album called ďUntil You LeaveĒ which was awesome. Itís just us goofing around in the city and alternately riding a train and playing fake instruments. Just having fun. That was awesome.

What do you guys have planned after this tour is over?

We have a little down time at home for a few weeks. Just go home and keep the promotion up for our album. Doing a few one offs in the northeast and April. We just landed a tour with this band called Punchline. Weíre going to go out with them for the whole month of April and weíre playing the Bamboozle Festival in May. Iím pretty sure itís at Giants stadium. Itís in a park around Giants stadium. Then hopefully I think we have a few weeks of Warped Tour. Weíre just keeping up the buzz.

Thatís such a cool fucking tour.

I love it. Iíve been going to it since I was in eighth grade. Since I was like 12.

They have so many different bands. I love that. A lot of tour packages have the same type of bands and I always thought the European festivals were really cool with different bands. Any other thoughts or comments?

I just want to remind everybody to check out our album that just came out. The fans are doing a good job of coming out and seeing us so hopefully the tour will keep going well.

Permanent Me