Ruben Romano, Eddie Glass, & Tom Davies - Nebula

March 15, 2006

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Tell me a bit about Nebula.

Eddie: We've been around for a while. It started in '98. We've done three records and this is our fourth record. We've done a few tours through the U.S. and Europe and Australia and in Japan.

Ruben: You could say that we're a band that's four records into it.

Four records into it. A couple of you were in Fu Manchu.

Ruben: Right, that's me and Eddie. From there that's where we ventured off into doing what we do now. There's never been a pause. There's just been a smooth transition.

You guys totally left Fu Manchu then?

Ruben: Yeah, basically. There was a fork in the road split and we're going left. You guys go right. See you guys later. That's about it.

I remember seeing Fu Manchu once a while back. They used to come through Dallas a bit.

Ruben: We used to play at the Gypsy Tea Room.

Eddie: Actually Dallas was always a good place for us. Back in the day when Henry was doing drum parts. Air drumming.

Ruben: You could say we've met some pretty cool people and are still our friends here in Dallas to this day.

How does your music differ from Fu Manchu?

Ruben: It's got a broader vision on the sound. It's the way I look at it. Not necessarily like type or whatever. We opened our eyes to harness sound and make sound the driving source. With that comes the high flying electric guitars and all that other kind of stuff but even beyond that. We're into the sitars, the keys, and all the other weird instruments that we use.

Eddie: And we're a three piece. Kind of a guitar trio.

Why did you decide to be a three piece instead of the regular four or five?

Eddie: Because we started that way. That's the way we wanted it. It was different. We tried another person out. He would say it sounds like Fu Manchu to the audience. We tried to do something new. That's why in the studio we have extra things so you don't just have guitars cluttering up the whole sound.

Ruben: In the studio we try to utilize what's exactly in the studio. To be able to go beyond just a live performance. When you get our live performance, you still get a pretty good, awesome, high energy show I think in my opinion. I have a good time.

Tell me a little about the Apollo record.

Ruben: It was kind of a rush job. We spent two weeks in one studio and one week in another studio. It was trying to cram in a bunch of ideas that we had going into the project. We were just trying to make it all happen before the time ran out we had allotted for it. Plus trying to solidify our bass player Tom and all that kind of stuff. We wanted to get things rolling and started so we set our goals to finish this in three weeks. Get this thing out because it's been a long process. Full force charged through once again.

So he's pretty solid now.

Ruben: Interestingly enough he was underneath our noses the whole time. He was living in England. That was the main thing. He's always been going with us anyway. He's always been part of the family for a long time anyway so he's like our Brian Johnson or our Lemmy.

Oh my God. The Lemmy thing.

Tom: Yeah, I don't have any warts all right?

With the kind of money he's got, I don't know why he hasn't gotten rid of those. Maybe he thinks it's a fashion statement.

Ruben: I think that's where he harnesses his power.

Tom: That's why he needs two of them. The energy generates it.

Ruben: I didn't say it.

Tom: I did.

We'll blame it on the English bloke.

Ruben: The English geezer.

So does the English geezer still live in England?

Tom: No, I live over here now. In L.A. I got married actually a little while ago.

Cool. Congratulations.

Ruben: It all seemed to fall in place. Finally like "okay, we'll jam with you Tom." And he said he was finally going to be staying here in town.

Eddie: He found a place to set his bags.

Tell me about some of the songs on the CD. I was listening to it the other night and someone told me it sounded like space rock.

Ruben: With a name like Nebula you really can't escape that.

Eddie: There's a lot of weird stuff on there. Psychedelic kind of rock music. That's what we are. Space rock. It's psychedelia basically. Getting back to your earlier question about Fu Manchu, we wanted to add more space rock psychedelia to it and then just straight ahead dueling guitars. So we put sitars and weird shit all over that.

Tom: And English people.

And English people. That's part of the weird shit.

Tom: I fell into that one.

One of my friends thought it sounded like King's X meets Pink Floyd.

Eddie: What's King X?

Ruben: They're a three piece.

Yeah, they're a three piece progressive rock band from Houston.

Ruben: I only heard that one hit they had and never really heard any of their other stuff.

For people who aren't really familiar with your band, what three songs on the album best describes your band?

Ruben: For me it's hard to say. The record is an entire unit in it's own self. Each one song is different but each one makes the whole.

Eddie: We blend them together. If you notice, the songs are sequenced together. Some songs blend into each other.

Tom: You have to listen to the whole thing.

Ruben: Interpret it your own way and form a religion out of it.

The religion of Nebula.

Ruben: It's pretty awesome because I think on this one there was more, especially bringing Tom in, more of a collaboration of ideas coming together.

A collaboration of souls. How long have you guys been out on the road?

Ruben: Two weeks now.

Eddie: Two weeks with The Hellacopters. Then we're going to go to Europe.

Ruben: Our record is slated to be released over there.

Eddie: Then we'll come back and do the West coast and go to Japan and Australia.

Ruben: It's all in the works. It's only just begun at this point. This is actually the first thing since the record came out so there is still plenty more work to be done for this record.

Are you guys doing the whole tour with The Hellacopters?

Ruben: We're label mates so it's a good thing for everybody involved. We're sharing a bus. The shows have been pretty awesome.

How long is your set?

Ruben: 45 minutes to an hour depending on how the night runs. Even the third band that's here is another label mate. The Illuminati.

So you guys are going to be traveling all over Europe.

Ruben: Yeah, that's our next plan of attack because the record is going to be released there I think sometime this month. We're in the works on getting a European tour together to coincide with that release date.

Yeah, that's weird. Their record was released over there before it was here and you guys are backwards.

Ruben: We have a different label in Europe. I guess it takes a while for all the paperwork to get from one record label to the other one. It works out good because when we have releases here we have time to work it. It will get released over there and we're taking care of stuff right when we're done with this. There's different stuff on the European release too. Different vinyl cover. It's available on vinyl in Europe.

For those who still have a turntable. I have one.

Eddie: This is our first American release that didn't come out on vinyl. All of our other stuff has always been out on vinyl.

Why didn't they do a vinyl thing for the American release?

Ruben: It was their own corporate thing. That's why we're doing one in Europe.

All that corporate stuff. Any other thoughts and comments?

Ruben: Come out to the shows and get spaced out with us.

Take illegal substances.

Eddie: Give them to Tom and we'll sort him out later. We're not saying you need them.