Jizzy Pearl

July 14, 2005

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You've been the frontman for several really popular bands and I guess right now you're with RATT. So how's that going?

Right, it's going good. It's been five years and no one's killed me yet.

I'm glad to hear that. You were part of Guns N' Roses at one time?

No, I played with Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses in his side project.

Oh, okay. I saw something about the early days of Guns N' Roses and that kind of perked my interest.

Nah, that's an urban legend.

I see. You're written two books. What sparked your interest in writing books?

Just another form of expression, that's all. I guess I'm good at it so it was fun to do.

Were these books about yourself?

No, some autobiographical and mostly fiction.

You came out with a new solo album called Vegas Must Die. You spent a lost weekend in Las Vegas that lasted more than a year. What was up with that?

Yeah, alcohol mostly. Red wine specifically. A lot of late nights and deep, dark shenanigans.

Deep and dark, eh? Any details?

Nothing that you haven't seen in any porno.

Cool, at least you were doing it right.

Well, I don't know about that.

There's a deep, dark side to Jizzy.

Oh, definitely so.

That's pretty cool. Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind the CD.

The inspiration was a bad relationship that ended and all the angst went into a three week writing period that resulted in this record.

How did you get your band together for this?

Two of the guys I knew from Los Angeles and the guitar player was introduced to me by Mike Varney, the Shrapnel guy. That's how it came about.

You used Michael Lardie as the engineer on it.

Right, right. He's also a Vegas resident so that worked out good.

He's a very talented guy. So this CD is basically about a relationship that went bad...

Well, I mean as clichťd as that sounds, most of the songs are written about someone. Either specifically or cryptically so I guess you could say that.

So does this person know that you poured your soul out on this CD?

Kind of.

Are there any particular tracks youíd like to talk about?

Well, I think the best song is the ballad. Itís called ďHowíd I Get So LonelyĒ and a song called ďLittle DancerĒ which is a good song. Iím pleased with the whole record actually.

Itís a very beautiful effort and I enjoyed listening to it. The songs I really liked were ďHowíd I Get So LonelyĒ and ďHit And MissĒ.


Who designed the CD cover?

A tweaked out tattoo artist that lived in Vegas and the guy was just a bunch of nerves and on drugs and strung out so he did a great job.

Oh, so he did this while he was all strung out.

Iím assuming so.

Well, maybe thereís something to be said for drug use after all.

Well, yeah. Iím all for it.

A lot of these newer, younger bands always tell me they donít drink and they donít smoke or do drugs or anything else. I notice a lot of them donít have much in the creativity area either.

Iím not advocating drug use like the way to live your life. I think that a lot of these new bands, not that I even would know any of them, but glimpses I see on MTV, theyíre all fairly cookie cutter. Manipulated by the record company and probably donít write their own songs. Theyíve sold their souls.

After you spent your year drinking and having a dark, deep side, when did you finally come out of that and what have you been doing since then?

Well, I moved back to L.A. and jumped on this tour bus. Iíve been out here for almost two months.

Howís the tour going so far?

Good. Weíre all healthy and out here working. Everyoneís having a good time. Itís all good.

When you look back on that year you spent in Vegas, is there anything you regret from that or do you feel like that was a helpful experience?

I donít know if it was helpful, but it was definitely an experience.

Sometimes people go through really bad experiences but they donít really regret doing it because it helped them be very creative.

Thatís a very Nietzschean way of looking at it.

Maybe people are little more Nietzschean than they care to admit to.

I think a lot of people donít know who Nietzsche is to be quite honest. I donít know. It is what it is. Sometimes you get creative because youíre happy. Sometimes you get creative because youíre sad. I donít know how it works for other people but this record was written in a three week period and it definitely captured a moment in time for me and I think thatís what makes it good.

I was looking at your website and I read something you wrote about earthquakes and I was really impressed by what you wrote. Was that something that actually happened or something you dreamed up?

Of course, of course. Everything I write is true unless Iím lying.

Well, you wouldnít do that now would you?

No, certainly not right now.

Who all are you out on the road with right now?

Cinderella, Quiet Riot, and Firehouse.

The Rock Never Stops tour.


How much longer are you guys out there?

How long will the rock never stop?

Hopefully indefinitely.

Itís definitely scheduled for the next couple of months. Thereís always talk of extending it but I really donít know.

Has the attendance been pretty good?

Of course. People love this kind of fun music and theyíre very loyal. They come out and support this kind of music.

Something I was wondering about was on these Rock Never Stops tours, which Iíve been to a lot of them, people always play their classic hits and they always talk about how they never want to play any newer stuff that they recently recorded because people wouldnít know about it. Do you think thatís good, bad, or a bit of both?

I just think itís the nature of the band. Thereís a limited amount of time that you get to play and people want to hear what they want to hear which are the songs that theyíre familiar with. Thereís no escaping that. Thatís just the way it is. Yeah, people can come out with new records but for example, I can come out with my new record but people want to hear Love/Hate songs from my old band. Thatís just the way it is.

When youíre done with the Rock Never Stops tour, are you planning on any kind of touring for your solo record?

I donít know. Thereís talk. People are asking me. Iím not sure what Iím going to do. Might just lay in bed for a week.

I think it would be nicer to see you out on the road performing some of your songs.

Yeah, it would be fun. Definitely.

I hope thatís something you look into and think about.

Iíll definitely look into it, okay?

That sounds good. Any other thoughts or comments?

My record comes out on the 19th of July and check it out. I hope you like it.

Jizzy Pearl