Mille Petrozza - Kreator

April 30, 2005

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How is the tour going?

Pretty good, pretty good. We're two weeks towards the end now.

Where did you guys start off at?

New York was the first show and then we went to the East Cost and up to Montreal. Chicago, L.A. It was a long tour. Some very good shows.

Any shows really stand out to you?

Montreal, Chicago, New York, and L.A. Hollywood was very good. There were a couple of really good ones and a couple of ones when you go in the middle of nowhere, of course there's not a big scene. Most of them were really good.

You guys have been all over the world practically.

For this album, yeah. We started in Europe and then we went to South America and after this we'll go to Russia. Then we go to Africa. This is going to be another continent we haven't been to.

They have metal heads in Africa. That's cool.

I think it's the last missing continent for us.

How is Enemy Of God doing so far?

Very good, very good. I think we're at the point now where our fans really enjoy the album. They really like what we're doing and they're very satisfied with the way Enemy Of God came out. We have a great response at the shows. The people seem to like the album which is the most important thing to us.

I saw you guys made the charts in Sweden and here in the U.S.

Yeah, good.

Are you guys looking torwards to your next album yet?

No, not yet. It's too early for that. We're not working on new material. It's going to take a while.

When you guys are done touring the U.S., what are your plans after that?

Russia, Africa, Japan, and we want to come back for another tour in February sometime. It's not 100 percent confirmed yet but we definitely want to come do another tour.

And cover the whole country again?

There are a couple of spots that we didn't this time. This time we only played two shows in Texas and I think we could have at least played two more. Then we'll do the ones that we didn't cover this time. We want to on the next tour.

You could do Dallas, Houston, Austin, and quite possibly San Antonio.

We only did San Antonio and Dallas. Next time we might do Austin and Houston.

Talking about Enemy Of God a little bit, that was a politically state of the world oriented album.

In a way it was but there are also songs on the album that don't have anything to do with politics. A lot of them have though. Nowadays it seems like nobody talks about politics anymore because people seem to be afraid of losing or pissing off certain people but I think we've always done it and we always will. We always talk about politics, not in a way where we try to point our fingers or force our opinions on people. I think it's always been a part of Kreator to cover certain political subjects in our lyrics.

Over here we are actually living in an atmosphere of fear of losing your job. That's actually happened to some folks.

Tell me about it. It's not only like that over here. It's the same in Europe. What it comes down to is I think it has to do with the whole globalization. What it comes down to is there are less people, only a certain group of people taking care of all the money and the rest of the population of the world have to work two or three jobs at one time to pay the bills. It's really shit.

This is going on in Europe too? I know people who have to do that here.

The thing is, you can count on it. As soon as something establishes over here, any kind of new way of ripping people off, it's going to be in Europe a year later. A lot of people always get the impression that Europeans are always complaining about the States being so fucked up but the governments in Europe are the same way. It's not a big difference. A little difference but not a big difference. It's all about money. Not only here in the States. I think sometimes the attitude towards the American government, the European government always claims to be better but they're not. Most of them are just as full of shit as any American government. They tend to hide it better. It's not so obvious. It's happening.

In a lot of places it's very covert. Here it's quite overt because they aren't afraid to hide what they do.

Exactly. It's easy to point the finger at America and say how they get ripped off over there and how bad their social security system works. Look how the economy goes down. Same fucking thing in Europe. Especially in Germany with the Eastern part. It's bad. It's really bad.

To reunite two different parts of a country back together had to take some doing.

You have to understand that the Eastern part was run by socialists so it was a whole different system. It was close to communism. The one system was based on the community that works for the community and is also very safe. Nobody was unemployed. People didn't make that much but they didn't have to because everything was so cheap. It was a different system. In western Germany, it was capitalism to the max like here in the States. Those people from the eastern part were not used to this and they saw it and thought oh no. It's very tempting if you have capitalism because you're able to get everything you want. The stuff that you don't need. For a while eastern Germany thought that they're a part of Germany again and they can afford all this stuff but they can't. Because they're unemployed. There are so many parts in western Germany where there's just nothing. None of the big companies had gone there so there's no work. It's like those towns over there are really shitty. They're really bad. There's no place better or worse. Just different.

Do people in Europe tend to worry about what Bush is doing? Does he scare people?

Yeah, I think he does because he didn't really make the world any safer. That's what he wanted to sell to the world.

He isn't going to come out and say he wants to kill people in the Middle East to get control of the world's largest oil reserve.

It was very obvious and everybody knew anyway so why wouldn't he admit it? He would sell it to the world as a liberation act.

He knows that there are people who believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

I think it has to do with lack of information or the propaganda machinery. I think it's a matter of interest. Are a lot of people interested in politics over here? No.

They're more worried about what's going to happen on the next episode of American Idol. Hell, come tomorrow we may not have American Idol We might have a fucking nuclear bomb in our backyards.

That has changed since the '80s and '90s where people were more aware. Nowadays they are so sucked into this whole TV entertainment.

We have all these reality shows like Fear Factor and one of my friends figured he could have a reality show based on his taking a shit every morning and his philosophical meanderings as he squeezes the next turd out. I told him it would probably be a hit.

That's pretty scary because this is just what they want you to do. The government. They want you to waste your time.

They want you focused on the Michael Jackson trial while they rip off Social Security.

It's a good trick. It works for the most part.

I guess a lot folks overseas hate America over this shit going on in Iraq.

No, no, no. What a lot of Americans and Europeans don't understand, both sides, is you should never generalize too much. It's just like saying "all the Americans are". It's just wrong. "How the Europeans do this and that". It's wrong. A lot of people are like that. Always tend to generalize. "It's the Americans" or "it's the Europeans" or it's this and that. This is just what they want. It's black and white. That's how Bush works. That's his whole thing. It's good and evil. He decides what's evil and what's good. He invented the term "access of evil". He's saying that all the people that live in these countries are evil. No matter what.

Yeah, I know. How can an entire population be evil?

It's easier to think like that. You don't have to reflect on things. You don't have to go deep. It makes people's lives a lot more comfortable than just going into details. This is just how it is nowadays. Just the fact that Arnie is the governor. I'm not saying that Europe has better politicians but at least they have people who haven't been actors before. Maybe Arnie's going to be the next President. I wouldn't be surprised.

People are pushing it.

It won't make a difference anyway. They only need a puppet. They don't need somebody with an opinion. They need somebody that actually can act. That's why a lot of people don't like Bush because he's a bad actor.