Name - Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jaime Preciado, Tony Perry Pierce The Veil

November 26, 2007

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Tell me a little bit about Pierce The Veil.

The band: Pierce The Veil was formed about a year ago by me and my brother Mike. We’re from San Diego and we put out a record called A Flair For The Dramatic. Me and Mike recorded the album and a little later we found Tony and Jaime to play guitar and bass and then Adrian to play keys. And we’ve been touring for six months straight now.

You guys were called something else before that which I forgot what it said.

The band: Yeah, Mike and I had a band called Before Today that was also on Equal Vision. That band broke up and instead of just trying to reform the band we started something new and that’s how this came about. The label said they were cool with us doing another thing.

Your band is described as being emo/post-hardcore. What the hell does that mean really?

The band: I don’t know. People probably call it emo because of the vocals not being screaming. I don’t know. I just think of it as rock. Like progressive rock. Changing parts and stuff that are kind of progressive. Something a little different.

So you guys are kind of a progressive band then.

The band: Yeah.

What the fuck is emo anyway?

The band: It depends on what song you listen to. Each song on the record is pretty diverse.

So what is emo? Is it like what rock singers used to be?

The band: It’s short for emotional so I guess nowadays it’s like over emotional. It’s just emo stuff. If they saw me out on the street and I was bummed out and had my hair like that with eye makeup on. It was all black with a red streak going through it. If any of us were at some random bar or somewhere that wasn’t really our crowd, we’d be the emo kids even though we’re not. Tight pants. Tight shirts. This is the style you’d call emo. Call it what you will. You get a lot of looks but I like touring around the whole country especially if you’re in a Wal-Mart. Like a middle America Wal-Mart. We’re just all outcasts. They’d kick your ass practically.

I like when guys’ pants actually fit them properly. Tell me a little bit about A Flair For The Dramatic.

The band: It was recorded in Seattle with a producer named Casey Bates who just did the new Chiodos record. He did Portrait Of A Man, and Gatsbys American Dream. Basically Mike and I drove up in the RV and we were up there for two months.

In the RV? Talk about roughing it.

The band: It’s our home away from home. I think it came out well. It was cool just recording with Mike. We hadn’t met...well we had met them before but we really hadn’t been working with Tony and Jaime quite yet.

So you guys decided to do a record before you actually had a full band.

The band: Yeah, exactly.

Why did you decide to do that before you had a full band?,p> The band: Because Mike and I had been writing already. We knew we wanted to write a new album together so we basically wrote for a few months, actually it was over a long time and then took the steps to getting a band together and leading up to now just finally touring.

What are some of your favorite songs off of the record?

The band: Probably the song we usually open with called “Currents Convulsive”. It’s one of the most aggressive songs on the record I would think but it also shows our experimental side with more melodic almost dancing parts. Lots of cool harmonies and lots of fun parts. It’s kind of all over the place.

It’s a song you can groove to.,p> The band: It’s a song I can mosh to.

Moshing where you can jump off your kitchen counter and crack your head open. What are a couple of other songs that you like to play live?

The band: I’ve really been wanting to play the last track on our record called “Wonderless” and it’s a fairly fast track but we really haven’t had a tour that will let us play it. Most of these tours are with heavier bands. We can’t lower the vibe too much on these shows. We keep it up.

You have to get the kids excited.

The band: It’s my favorite song on the record and lyrically too. I just think it’s a little slow. I’ll be proud once we start playing it.

What’s the theme of the album? What were you guys thinking when you wrote these songs?

The band: Lyrically it’s all pretty personal stuff like relationships that have happened to me over the past couple of years. Stuff that I just wanted to write about because I was thinking about it a lot. A couple of little things that happened that had a lot of emotional impact on me. It was cool for me because it was the first time that I had written about personal stuff and I think it was cool because now whenever we play, the songs are about stuff that means a lot to me. All the lyrics are…it’s not like I’m not trying to relate to everyone. A lot of the kids take it in their own way. That’s also another good thing. Vic wrote a lot of the stories and stuff that was all inside of his head but other kids take it in a certain way. Even when I heard the record, I took it in my own way so I think that’s a piece that everyone can take from it. It’s like oh, this guy went through this stuff and it reminds me of a time when I did something like that as far as relating to it.

So how did you three get into the band?,P> The band: Actually me and Tony and Andrew were in another band before we met Mike and Vic. That band parted ways. Actually Tony used to work at a guitar shop and he met Mike and Vic there. They came into the guitar shop because they were musicians and they started jamming and Tony brought me into the mix. He said they needed a bass player. It started like that and we met the dudes and it worked out really well. We got along really well. They went off to do their record and me and Tony were talking about it. We decided we wanted to do this because they’re good musicians and it’ll be good times. They came back and we started jamming to the songs and the chemistry went really well. It was something that we could all do compared to their last band and our last band. In this band we had one goal which was to go out and play.

The band: When we first met them I wanted to be honest with them when they joined the band. I told them this year is going to be pretty busy. We’re going to be touring constantly and the record is going to be out. It’s going to be a lot of work but it’s also going to be a really cool opportunity and a lot of fun for everyone. It’s going to be awesome. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing ever since. We just started finally touring and that was what we wanted to do. That was our goal.

That’s pretty much the only way you can get your name out there.

The band: Yeah, plus it’s taken us to really crazy places like we just got back from the U.K. and then we’re going to Mexico for a Mexico tour in January. It’s going to be awesome. It used to be we’re going on tour, cool. We’re going to Seattle and Dallas and that was awesome. Now it’s across the country and overseas. We’re touring with some amazing bands. This is a dream come true. It’s crazy at how it’s turned out.

It’s funny. Back when I was in my 20’s and there were these really big bands like Motley Crue and Poison, these guys would tour all over Europe and all over Japan. They had the opportunity to go to places they otherwise would never get to see and they never even bothered to see the place. I thought that was such a waste. I hope when you young kids go to these places that you also check them out as well.

The band: Before this all started, before we were touring and before this band, I had only been to Florida when I was 10 years old. Being able to say that I’ve been from San Diego to New York and everything in between, like you said, I actually check it out. If I never come back to this place, at least I can say I’ve been there and checked it out. I understand 100 percent what you’re saying. It’s a dream come true being able to travel. It was cool when we were in the U.K. We had a bus and the driver would get us there in the morning. We’d basically just wake up and we’d have a lot of time to just walk around and take pictures. It was cool. If we were lucky, we‘d wind up outside of a castle.

I’m pretty fortunate because my mom is from Europe so when I was a little kid I had the opportunity to travel around Europe. I think that’s something everyone should do. See other parts of the world, experience other cultures, and meet other people.

The band: It’s way different now. Just walking around the street, it’s totally different now.

Why did you guys decide to call yourselves Pierce The Veil? What does that mean?

The band: Pierce the veil was something I learned back when I was going to college. I was in a sociology class and it was a term that meant to go to the direct root. If you have a problem, go directly to the heart or root of it and totally cut it out from there. Originally it was a term like pierce the corporate veil or something like that. Meaning go to whatever the problem is and take it out of the company. I just cut out pierce the veil because you can use it for whatever. I thought it was cool to use it in your life if you needed to. Like if things are really bringing you down or you feel you’d be better if you were living without it. Just cut it out completely. That’s helped me through some stuff too. I think it has a cool meaning.

Oh, so you’re college educated.

The band: I am educated.

Is anyone else college educated?

The band: I took two or three semesters at a community college. I don’t know if that counts. I was going to school and I had a good job so my life’s definitely been sacrificed but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The band: I’m not sure how I even graduated high school. I was touring with another band in my senior year. I don’t even remember. I was touring in high school with my older band and I was ditching school but somehow I graduated.

The band: They just called his name and he came and got the thing. Michael Fuentes. YEAHHHHHH. “He’s surprised to see us.”

So how soon after you released the record did you start touring?

The band: We were touring before it came out. I think two months before it and we’ve been out a month after it. It was fun because a lot of bands don’t get to promote it like that. The record just came out so we get to watch it evolve. Promote, promote, promote.

Get out in front of people and say “we haven’t released it yet.”

The band: Before we went out, our record label was really going out to make us samplers that were really cool. They were printed really nice and we were handing them out to people everywhere for free. It was a really good vibe for the record. The shows we’ve done in the last couple of weeks, we’ll get a kid who will come up and say that he hasn’t heard us play but his friend has this sampler disc in the car and he listened to it and loved it. It’s just so awesome how that actually had got kids to come to the shows. Just random kids who would never think about coming to see us were going “well, who’s Pierce The Veil? I dig it. Let‘s do this.” So it worked.

And that’s what it was supposed to do.

The band: It did it’s job.

So how did you guys manage to cruise through Dallas so much?

The band: These last two tours, we’ve basically been following each other almost. We got added to the last one but this one has been set in stone. It had been for a while. We got added to the Chiodos tour so that was a pretty big tour for us. It was the biggest tour we had done and we just got added for two weeks of that. Now we have kind of the same routing. I think they did that to get us out for this tour. This tour was coming back and that one was going out.

How much longer are you guys out on the road for?

The band: About two weeks. Then we’re home for the holidays. Christmas and New Year’s. We’re pretty excited. We’ve been out on the road for about six months basically with two or three days off and then we’ll go out. It’ll be nice to basically do nothing for a little bit. We’re all excited to go home and see our families.

So what was it like being away from your families for Thanksgiving?

The band: In a word, awesome. Obviously we’d all much rather be with our families and be at home. You should see this man. He is a genius. We had a feast. We had a 15 hour drive from Chicago to Dallas and we were so bummed out so Andy said he’d just cook on the way. It was so awesome. We pulled off at a rest stop in the middle of God knows where and we just had a meal fit for kings. For princes. We had a classic movie and we just all hung out. We had a good time, took a bunch of pictures, and we all called our families to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Then we just chowed down. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy. We had Jack Daniels and an apple pie afterwards. It was beautiful.

The Jack Daniels was the most important part.

The band: Always. Nah, it was awesome. I can probably speak for everyone. That was probably one of the best Thanksgivings. It was up there next to grandma’s house. I think the best word to describe it is epic.

A meal of epic proportions.

The band: We should write a song about it. That could be our theme song for Thanksgiving.

Maybe on the next record.

The band: The Thanksgiving theme song. Make it super heavy. It was awesome.

I think that’s cool. The wild things you boys do out on the road. What are you guys doing after the tour is over?

The band: We spend New Year’s Eve in San Diego and then we go to Mexico with the band The Devil Wears Prada for three days. After that we start touring again in late January. A headlining tour with Mayday Parade and As Cities Burn. That’s all we’ve got scheduled so far but that will keep us busy up until March.

Any other thoughts or comments?

The band: Just tell everyone that the CD is in all the stores. The holidays are coming up kids. Buy your mom that Pierce The Veil CD. She’ll dig it.

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