Lukas Rossi

July 18, 2007

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Youíre on an acoustic tour with three women.

You got it. Itís different than being on an arena tour with Tommy Lee, isnít it?

Thatís a lot different. It could be more fun though.

Itís really good fun. Iím getting in touch with my feminine side so to speak.

You left home at the age of 15. Did you start doing music at that age?

Oh yeah, definitely. Music was my only friend. It was the only thing I could really pour my heart into without getting shit for it. That was my way to vent. It still is.

I think thatís a really good way to vent because it definitely beats fucking shooting somebody, doesnít it? You won the chance to be the vocalist for Supernova which I guess was a reality show that I wasnít really following very well. Tell me a little bit about that.

Itís over. It was a fun part in my life. I went out and auditioned to play in a great rock band. I went out and saw the world and I had a great time. Now itís Lukasí time. Iím still playing with the guys but Iím starting a new band called Stars Down. If youíre always wondering what Iím up to just check on my website Iím sure that all of the latest stuff is up. Yeah, Iím finishing this tour and then Iím going to be finishing the Stars Down record. Iím writing it all. After the show with the Supernova record, half of it was already written which is kind of weird but itís part of the process considering the time restraints and so forth. Iím still proud of that record also. Itís been good times.

Did you feel that being on that Supernova thing gave you some really good exposure for any future shit that you want to do?

Oh, absolutely. I got a whole lot of exposure but a lot of bad came from it too. With every good thereís a little bit of bad too. Thatís what lifeís all about. When youíre famous and so forth, itís a lot easier to get in trouble or be liable for things or people hang on your every word. One thing I regret about going on the road was I had so many interviews but I didnít really say much. I was kind of blinded by the light. This time around Iím definitely going to make a difference out there because thereís a lot of people I think that need help out there and need a little bit of guidance. By all means if Iím that person to help some young people deal with their problems, Iím going to do it this time. I think people should just stay positive out there and enjoy music.

People are so star struck and celebrity crazy. They just have to know what Britney Spears is doing at the moment and all this other shit. They donít realize that celebrities are just basically human beings like everybody else. They eat, shit, and sleep and make mistakes.

Absolutely but a lot of people get caught up in that. Itís kind of sad to be honest that people canít differentiate between the two. I had an email the other day on my website about how someone was disrespecting my wife on my site because they thought my wife interfered at the shows. That she shouldnít be there interfering with my interaction with the fans. Itís like first of all, who are you to ever question my judgments in my life whether Iím a rock star or whatever the hell you want to call me or not. I donít go to your website and talk about your family. Itís just things like that is ridiculous. At the end of it I donít mean to be negative. P. S. Kiss my ass. Some people are just aloof to the whole world that itĎs ridiculous. I feel sad for them.

You should definitely not talk shit about somebodyís significant other. Thatís pretty fucked up. Good God, if we could all be perfect. I was listening to the song ďDead FlowersĒ and I thought that was a pretty cool song. Is that going to be on the record that youíre working on?

Itís for the tour. Iím selling a four song EP. Itís another side of me. Itís a part of my life that Iíve just went through and ďDead FlowersĒ is just basically my way of shedding the petals of whatís happened to me in my life. I guess thatís what it means. The four songs are little chapters in this book that Iím writing musically I guess.

The record that you were talking about that you said was half written, were you working on that while you were with the Supernova guys?

Oh, absolutely. I think artists are constantly writing. You can be influenced by walking down the street and seeing a tree. Youíre constantly creating.

When will you be done writing the record?

It should be done in six months but Iíll be done sooner than that though to get it out there to the public. It takes a little time. Theyíre in the machine and so forth.

Especially when youíre doing all the mixing and mastering. I think thatís probably what takes the longest.

Yeah, but itís worth it.

How is the Love And Lust tour going?

Itís going great. Thereís not a lot of promotion put into it. At the last minute I put the tour together as soon as I got off the road. Itís kind of pick up and go. I just wanted to get up there and play something together. I donít want to stop. There are a lot of fans out there that write to me and Iíve changed a lot of peopleís lives. I think thatís a beautiful thing about music. Like I said to you before, if you have a voice and if you believe in what you do and you help change somebody for the better, the best thing for me to do in my life is to keep pursuing that.

Iím not really one for reality shows.

Neither am I.

I think thatís so crazy. Every time you turn on the TV thereís some reality show. Why on earth am I sitting here watching somebody elseís miserable life? I donít get it.

I know. I hate reality shows and I found myself on one. I think it was just the free beer on the show.

What was it like working with Tommy Lee? Heís always a character.

It was great, man. Tommy is like my big brother. Through the whole experience I learned a lot about the road and I learned a lot about the guys in my band. What not to do and what to do and I taught them a few lessons. It was an all around good experience but Iím glad to be doing my own thing.

I can imagine. I saw Tommy Lee on TV the other day. He was saying something about making it to where he doesnít have to leave his house. Heís going to grow a vegetable garden and he already has Starbucks in the house.

Oh, my God.

I was sitting there dying when I heard that. All the things that you learned in Supernova, are you using that knowledge on this tour?

Absolutely and this is a really, really smaller scale tour. The lessons in life will stay with you forever. I thought I knew it all before the tour but I sure as hell didnít. But I had a good time.

I read that you donít like to do covers so that means people get 100 percent original material at your shows.

Yeah, Iím not doing covers. I always hated doing covers. That show was a nightmare.

I donít mind bands doing covers but I always figure that if I want to hear that song, Iíll just listen to the band that did the original.

Exactly. I have a lot of people saying they were fans of the TV show and they love when I do covers. Well, you know what? If they want, they should stay at home and listen to those bands that you want to hear the music of. I donít really care. Iím an artist myself. Ever since I started writing music, I was never concerned with playing somebody elseís song. If itís done, itís done. Why not focus my efforts on writing my own stuff that somebody else can cover. I do maybe two covers in an hour and a half and theyíre totally different than the actual artists themselves.

You put your own spin on them.

Oh, absolutely.

After the Love And Lust tour is over, what do you plan on doing?

My band Stars Down is coming out.

Whoís going to be in that band with you?

Two of my former bands are coming together. Members of those bands are coming together to form a super ex-rock band. Hold tight and youíll be hearing it soon.

So thatís going to be totally different from what youíre doing now.

Yeah, itís going to be a lot heavier than Supernova and itís from my heart.

What exactly got you interested in pursuing music as a career and has it been a bumpy ride?

I always wanted to do music ever since I was a kid. Listening to it just made me feel better. I always wanted to be a creator. I think itís a bumpy road for everybody unless they get really lucky and know the right people. Itís a very, very hard business to succeed in but itís not really about succeeding for me. Itís more of a spiritual and healing thing than it is making money. Iím out in my Lincoln Navigator pulling a U-Haul on this tour when I was in a primo five bed studio. This is me raw. I donít have a record label or anything like that. I donít really want it. Itís the way rock and roll should be.

I definitely look forward to hearing about your new band. Are you taking that out on the road pretty soon?

Oh, yeah. For sure.

Do you have any advice for people who want to be musicians?

Absolutely. Donít think about any other profession. Thereís no such thing as plan B. If anybody tells you that you should have something to fall back on, thatís just an excuse for you not to achieve your goal as a musician.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Lukas Rossi