Jonny Santos - Silent Civilian

May 20, 2006

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I understand you were hosting Headbangers Ball.

Yes, it was cool. It was awesome. Itís going to air on June 10th.

Very cool. Who did you get to talk to?

I hosted the whole show by myself and I interviewed Eighteen Visions.

What kind of cool stuff did you ask them?

It was pretty much all scripted. The producers had all the questions already mapped out. It was still cool. Itís Headbangers Ball. I just asked them questions about the new record coming out and their touring.

Did you get to pick the videos or was that already scripted too?

They picked the videos too.

I remember when Riki Rachtman used to host that. That was the one thing that I think pissed him off the most. He didnít get to pick anything.

Yeah, itís the program directors.

I think when they have people guest host , they should let the guest hosts pick the videos. That would make it more interesting.

I wanted to.

You also got caught up in a thunderstorm.

Yeah, there was a lightning storm over New York right over La Guardia. This plane got hit by lightning so they grounded all the planes for a few hours waiting for the storm to pass through which made us very late for our show. We didnít go on last night until after Ill Nino because I didnít get into Austin until about 10:30. We didnít go on until well after midnight.

At least you still got to play.

Better late than never.

Thatís what Iím saying. Well, the CD finally came out and itís been in my car CD player for quite some time and people are really fucking grooving on this shit. You should be seeing some good sales.

Awesome. Yeah, the record came out and itís doing well. Weíve already got tours lined up so weíre just a busy, busy band there now. Going out with Drowning Pool next.

Cool, Drowning Pool rules. Theyíre the hometown favorite.

Yeah, Iím sure theyíll all be here tonight.

Of course. How has the tour been going thus far outside of lightning storms?

This tour has been going awesome. A lot of kids every night. Really good crowds and really good bands on the tour. Weíve been having a blast. Weíre having a great time.

Yeah, this tour seems to be all stars.

Yeah, itís really good. Itís a really good tour. Itís a good package.

I told someone in Ill Nino that itís my first time seeing them.

Yeah, for the ticket price youíre getting five really good bands and I think itís awesome.

Have they all been early shows?

Well, with five bands youíve got to get things moving along especially sometimes when itís all ages clubs. You have curfews and youíve got to be done at a certain point. If itís an 11 oíclock curfew then you have to get bands on and off as fast as you can. That can be a pain in the ass sometimes but we deal with it.

What have you been playing live off the new record?

Weíve been playing ďFuneralĒ, ďThe Song Remains Un-NamedĒ, ďDead To Me 2006Ē, ďRebirth Of The TempleĒ, ďWrathĒ, and ďLies In The House Of ShameĒ.

Itís been mostly new material. I like that. A lot of bands go out and play the same stuff over and over again and have the same set list. They come out with new shit and wonít play a lot of it because they think everyone wants to hear the old stuff. Itís hard to promote new stuff if you donít play it.

We try to change the set list for every tour that weíve been doing. We obviously canít play every song on the record. Each tour weíre trying to change it up and bring something new into the set so when kids come back and see the band again, they get to hear some other stuff.

How do you decide on which songs youíre going to put in your set list?

When we have such a short set, I want to put some of the more straight up kick your ass songs in the set because I think it impacts the crowd more. Just to get up there for half an hour and bulldoze. Get the kids to go ďwow, that hurt.Ē

Something I noticed about your show when I saw it the first time, you guys donít waste time running your mouths. You just get up there and kick peopleís fucking asses. I like that. I donít like it when people spend half a show blabbing.

We try not to babble on that much. Through the set in between weíll break it up with some little entertaining antics but other than that, through the first three songs we donít even take a break until after the third song. The first three songs are just bam, bam, bam. Just get in there and kick some ass.

Yeah, I like that. I think thatís really fucking cool. What all have you guys been doing since the last time we talked?

We havenít really been home at all. Weíve been solid on the road. We were out with Bleed The Sky and then after Bleed The Sky we ran straight into this tour. We started it in New York and we ended up in L.A. We did a show with Chimaira and Arch Enemy on that last run that they did and then we just worked our way back over to the East coast and started the Ill Nino tour. We really havenít had any days off.

After this tour is over are you going to have a little bit of a break or are you going straight on into something else?

This tour ends on the 10th and Drowning Pool starts on the 13th. Itís going to be a long year but thatís what we have to do. Weíre a new band and thatís what new bands have to do. They have to tour and stay on the road.

Iíve been telling folks to come out and see you guys. You guys put on an impressive show. That was awesome last time.

Thank you.

Iím back for more. Any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks for coming out and thanks for your time. Glad to see weíve got another fan.

Silent Civilian