Josie Scott - Saliva

February 1, 2007

Photo Credit: Angela Monger

(Josie showed me his bit part in a movie that he was in called Hustle And Flow. I think he definitely should explore the acting stuff more.)

I edited that line ďson, you better watch yourself.Ē They let me add that.

Oh, you got to add your own stuff, huh? Letís talk about your little acting career. How did you get involved in acting in that particular movie?

I got an agent in Hollywood and just started making myself available for it. I got represented by William Morris and they represent you not only booking your shows but they do acting, musicals, or if you want to write a book. They do all that in house. They can do anything. You can write a book, do a Broadway show, then do a movie and be in a play. Anything. Television. I did a show called Wanted on TNT. I played an undercover cop on that one. I just enjoy it. Itís another release of my creativity. It takes a lot of my time. It takes a lot of work. I like to concentrate on Saliva. Saliva is my baby. I get in where I fit in when I can. When I can do it.

Thatís pretty damn cool. Did they select a part for you?

Yeah, that was picked for me. I went in and did a screen test. I got the part of course when they saw that I could do it.

(An aside from someone on the bus: When they saw you were a good actor.)

You guys just released Blood Stained Love Story. I got an email yesterday which stated that it debuted at number 19 in the U.S. Thatís pretty cool. Tell me a little bit about the new record.

Iím real proud of it. Itís real personal and romantic and sad and kickass and real honest. The reason itís called Blood Stained Love Story is the last two years we took off and I did that show and I did a movie. Whatever. We had everything happen to all five of us that could possibly happen. We had funerals, weddings, babies being born, marriages, divorces. Band members quitting. A new band member coming in. A car wreck. A car crash with me and Johnny that almost killed me. Everything wonderful and everything horrible about life that can happen to us happened. Half the album is the blood stained part and half the album is a love story.

I was in a car accident once like that myself. It was one of those where either you die or you walk away from it. There wasnít going to be anything in between.

Luckily, I didnít walk away from it but I rolled away from it. We were doing some show and they were filming inside the car. They were interviewing us and the dude ran a stop sign and the guy that was with the guy interviewing us was filming it. This 16 year old kid had just got his license and had a brand new Jetta. We were in a Tahoe. He was going about 65 miles an hour and I was in the back passenger seat. We ran the stop sign and of course he came right to my door at almost 65 miles an hour and almost flipped the truck. It just went up like that and it went BOOM like that.

Yeah, something in the way they make them makes them flip over really easily.

Johnny Montoya our guitar player was sitting next to me and our heads smacked and then my hip went in like that and I just started seeing stars. Johnny looked at me and grabbed me and asked if I was all right. He said that I said ďno, I need an ambulance.Ē Then I was knocked out and I ainít never been knocked out. I played football for five years and Iíve had my bell rung but I ainít never been unconscious. It knocked me the fuck out cold.

I bet it did. Holy shit.

It was scary man. It felt like a bomb went off.

Itís weird. Iíve been in a number of car accidents and it was always somebody else hitting me for some damn reason. You just hear this sickening thud and thereís nothing else in the world that sounds like that.

I drive like an old lady needless to say.

I tell you what, youíve to got to watch out for those other people. Tell me about two or three songs off the record that are favorites of yours and what you were thinking about when you wrote them.,p> ďStarting OverĒ is one of my favorite ones. Itís about one of the band members. He had long relationship with his wife for 17 years and just found out one day she was having an affair. The girl had been doing it for two or three years. He was just crushed. Just devastated.

Thatís funny. People always talk about musicians being such whores and everything.

Yeah, and I can honestly say he wasnít. I was on the road with him for 10 years. He never cheated on his wife. We all did. I donít cheat on my current wife. I had a girlfriend for seven years that I cheated on all the time. That was pretty sad and I wrote that about that. Another one is ďBlack Sheep Of The FamilyĒ. I like that one. Thatís the one we start the show with. It really rocks. Itís real hard and heavy. Itís really driving rock and roll. It talks about me being different from the rest of my family. All of my family are medical professionals. My mom is a hospital administrator. My sister is a phlebotomist. And Iím a rock star.

Well, you know something just had to be different. Too many medical people in the family.

I almost went into the medical field though.

What were you thinking about becoming?

An anesthesiologist but that was too much school for me. Too much school. I hate school.

Yeah, I took medical technology in college for a few years and I decided that was enough.

Yeah, itís ridiculous. It shouldnít be that damn hard.

How long did it take you guys to do the record?

Seven weeks.

Thatís a pretty good amount of time. Iíve talked with people who told me it took them three months or a year to do their records and some people say it only took three weeks.

If it takes you a year to do a record, something is wrong.

Well, letís see. Itís taken Axl Rose how many years?


How long have you guys been out on the road?

About two months. Weíre continuing to tour, tour, tour on this record. The shit is just now hitting the fan with the album coming out. I told them today that thereís a hurricane coming down. You better strap yourselves in because itís fixing to get bumpy. Like Will Farrell says, ďbaby Jesus, itís about to get bumpy!Ē

How do you feel this release differs from your last one?

Itís more mature. The last one was about blowing a lot of money. Buying a bunch of cars. Buying a bunch of houses. Running through a bunch of girls. And then realizing what it feels like to be broke.

What? You mean youíre not fabulously wealthy?

Iím all right now but I definitely ran through my nut that I had at that time. I got a couple more residual checks and royalty checks and I made a lot of money playing that guy on Wanted. I survived it but I learned a hard lesson from it.

Yeah, you always do.

You have to save your money. You have to save your money for a rainy day. You never know whatís going to hit you.

You also have to set some aside for when you get old too because you never know.

Hopefully this album I think is going to do well enough that I may be able to start my retirement plan and get my son a college education.

So how did you feel when you found out that your album debuted at number 19?

I thought that was pretty hot. I was really excited. I felt real blessed and honored and excited.

I remember when you guys first came out. I think itís awesome that you guys have been able to survive the music business for this long. Thatís a pretty rough industry.

I think the fact that weíve been able to survive each other is a pretty awesome thing too.

Iíve had a lot of bands tell me that being in a band is like being married.

Yeah, itís a five-way marriage. You do everything together. Well, not everything. Sometimes in our careers weíve been our own worst enemy.

One of your songs was featured on World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yeah, we had a bunch of songs on there. ďLadies And GentlemenĒ is the theme song for WrestleMania 23. And it was the theme song for the Super Bowl.

You have to be excited about that.

Yeah, a little bit. And itís the number one rock song in America.

You need to be really excited about that. How do you guys get tapped to provide music for wrestling and all that?

Well, you know what? Weíre the best there is. We wake up in the morning just excellent. I donít know. Weíre just really focused. When it comes to songwriting we want to be the best. Youíve got to be really focused and at the end of the day, when we lay our heads down on the pillow at night itís about songwriting. Do you have a hit or do you not have a hit? Thatís what keeps you around. Not looks and not talent unfortunately. Just whether youíve got a hit song or not. Thatís why Nickleback is around. Thatís why Bon Jovi is around. Thatís why Aerosmith is around. Itís not because theyíre huge.

At least not anymore.

They are huge. Theyíre cute guys I guess but itís hit songs. Youíve got to have hits. Youíve got to have massive fucking hits. Thatís what matters. If people are buying your records. I think we studied that artistic equation so much that weíre finally starting to get it down to who we really are and what weíre capable of. And our producer knows how to manipulate that to the fullest.

I was interviewing Ligion earlier and their producer happened to be with them so I got to talk with him a little bit too about what his job entails. Those guys have a pretty difficult job.

Yeah, father, mother, brother, dickhead, genius. Bob Marlette is the Obi Wan Kenobi of producers. He can also tell you to shut the fuck up and sing. And you have to pay him $100,000.00 to do it.

Thatís a lot of money.

That hurts.

I bet it does. What do you guys have planned after you get off the road?

I think Iím going to go to rehab for a couple of weeks. Iím going on vacation. I want to go to Acapulco or something or Hawaii. I want to go somewhere where thereís clear blue water and a beach.

Where itís warm. I donít blame you for that. Are you going to do any videos for the record?

Yeah, weíre doing a video for ďLadies And GentlemenĒ coming up pretty soon.

Do you have any idea of what the theme will be?

I heard that itís going to be with the Suicide Girls and theyíre going to be boxing or something. I donít know. Are you familiar with them?

Yeah, I saw a documentary about them one time. I thought it was pretty cool actually.

I think theyíre pretty hot too.

It was definitely quite interesting. Any other thoughts or comments?

I love our fans and I love our music. I hope everybody gets this album Blood Stained Love Story and enjoys it. We have a new merchandise website, Thereís a link on our site. Itís on our MySpace page too.