Derek Sherinian

March 4, 2009

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I havenít talked to you since 2005.

I know. Itís been a long time. How are you?

I am doing absolutely fantastic.

Good. Well, thanks for taking the time to interview me.

Oh, honey I always love interviewing you. Youíre an absolute joy.

Thank you.

The last time we talked you had put out a record called Mythology.

Oh, okay. Wow, itís been a while since weíve talked then.

Whatís been going on in the world of Derek for the past four years?

Oh, a lot. Iíve put out two records since then. Blood Of The Snake in 2006 and now in 2009 the new record, Molecular Heinosoity, which Iím very excited about.

I can tell. I was reading your MySpace and you had something on there about hiring you for singing or mixing records. You hire yourself out.

Iíve been doing a lot of outside session work the last two years. Iíve worked with a lot of great bands from all over the world.

That sounds pretty exciting. I also read that you want to start a progressive metal band. Is that something thatís different from your solo work?

No, itís not going to be that much different. The music will be the same but Iím just looking for a singer. I just want to add another dimension to the sound. So Iíve been putting on a search for a vocalist and I havenít found anyone yet but I think Iíll get someone within the next few months.

Iím pretty sure you will. I also read that you were going to put out a 10 year anthology CD and DVD around Christmas.

Thatís right. Itíll be out in December and itís going to basically be a best of two CD set with DVD of my six solo albums and just celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a solo artist.

That sounds really cool. You just put out Molecular Heinsosity. I was just checking out the CD cover. I like that. Thatís pretty rad.

Thank you.

Something that always amazes me about your work is how do you come up with these wonderful titles for stuff. Like Molecular Heinosity. Where does that come from?

Well, ďheinosityĒ is a word that I invented. Itís a combination of the word ďheinousĒ and ďmonstrosityĒ. I was wanting to use it as a title for a long time now and this year I finally got to do it. I think Iím the only artist ever to use it as a song title or album title and Iím very proud of that.

Tell me a little bit about the record.

Well, this is my sixth solo record and itís a little bit more focused than my past roots and itís a little darker and heavier than my last few records. Itís very metal and I think a lot of people are really going to dig it.

I always like really heavy shit. I always say the older you get the more heavier your music has to get.

Thatís interesting. Thatís how it is for me. A lot of people actually go the other way and go softer and get into The Eagles and easy listening. For some reason I get heavier.

Well, I always figure I like my music heavier because my hearing is going after having been to so many damn concerts.

There you go. Thatís what it is.

You have a really amazing variety of artists that you had play on the record. How do you get all these people to play with you and how do you pick them out?

You know what, a lot of them are my friends and a lot of them Iím just fans of. Iíve always wasnít afraid to pick up the phone to get people to come over and play. I really put a lot of energy into my music and the songwriting so I feel like the songs deserve to have the ultimate players on them in order to see them come to life. For years Iíve made a lot of new friends and itís worked out really well.

I see you have Zakk Wylde on the record. I love that man. He is the most phenomenal guy as a guitarist and just as somebody to talk to.

Zakk is incredible. Zakk has been my friend for 20 years and heís played on my last five records. Every time he comes over to my house and stays here for three or four days, we drink a few cases of beer and record and laugh all night. Itís just a lot of fun and he sounds great on this new record. I think a lot of his fans love it when he plays on my stuff because it always sounds like Zakk but itís always a little bit different than when he plays with Ozzy or his own band.

Itís something completely different from what he usually does and itís more intense I guess.

Whatever. Itís different but at the same time he never has to stray from his sound. I always want him to sound like Zakk. I just want to have a different backdrop.

Iíve gotten to interview him a couple of times and he always has me in stitches. That guy is incredible.

Yeah, heís great.

What was the inspiration behind the record? How did you get all that put together the way you did?

Iím inspired by the people I write with and work with most of the time. I always just take life as it comes and filter it through my songwriting and records. Itís just a combination of different things.

You wrote some of the stuff with some of the people who are on the record then.

Yeah, some of the artists. I co-wrote the record with Virgil Donati the drummer and also a drummer, Brian Tischy. I collaborated with him as well.

How have the reviews been on the record so far? Pretty good?

The reviews have been great. The few Iíve read. The reviews are just starting to come up and everything Iíve read has been really, really good.

Are you planning on doing any touring for the record?

Thereís nothing planned. Itís really hard to tour on instrumental records. Thereís some dates that always come up from overseas so most of the time itís Europe or whatever. Weíll see what happens but thereís nothing booked as of now.

The last time I saw you in person, I think that was back when you put out Moon Babies.

Oh, okay. We did a Planet X tour in Texas.

Yeah, at the Canyon Club in Dallas.

Yeah, that was great.

That was an awesome show. I miss seeing you come down here. Any chance you may do some dates around the U.S.?

No, thereís nothing planned as of now. Itís been a while since Iíve been in Texas and I think itís due.

I think it is too.

I want to get some of that good barbecue.

Thatís right and good beer. Aside from the record hitting the streets on March 24th do you have any other projects planned?

No, Iím pretty much just focusing on doing press for this record and then getting my anthology together. Thatís the next thing Iím going to be working on. Thatís pretty much it.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Angela, itís always great talking to you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Thank you and I hope to see you in Texas sometime soon.

I hope so too Angela.

Derek Sherinian