Anthony, Justin, Chris, Jake, & Josh - Through The Eyes Of The Dead

February 12, 2006

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Why doesn't everyone introduce themselves?

Jake: I am Jake and I play bass.

Chris: I'm Chris and I play guitar.

Josh: I'm Josh and I play the drums.

Justin: I'm Justin and I play guitar.

Anthony: I'm Anthony and I sing.

How long have you guys been on this tour?

Chris: Since January 27. It becomes a blur after a while.

I was on your website earlier today and it had this nice note on it about you guys leaving.

Anthony: Yeah, it's really hard to update from the road.

What? No laptop?

Josh: We had one but someone left it in South Carolina.

Anthony: Blame it on me, I'm the singer.

Oh my God, you are bad. Did they lash you for that?

Justin: We should have.

Anthony: They dragged me behind the van.

You guys are going to be touring with Children Of Bodom. How did you guys get hooked up with that?

Justin: Our label helped us out. They know the Agency Group and the Agency Group are booking that entire tour so they got us on last minute. We were really stoked when we found out recently. It's going to be definitely a big help for us.

That's going to be badass too because those guys kick ass.

Anthony: It's a big deal for us.

How long are you guys out on this leg until you join up with them?

Anthony: We've got three more weeks. This tour ends March 5 and then March 18 is when the tour with them begins.

Josh: If we had that laptop we'd know.

That laptop that you left in South Carolina. You guys released an album just recently. How's that doing so far?

Josh: It's doing amazing. Better than we thought. Way better than we thought it would do. Prosthetic hooked it up pretty much. They really promoted the hell out of it and they've helped us out a lot. Plus we've been on tour since the record has come out so we've been pushing the hell out of it trying to sell it. Get that money.

Do you find you get more money out of going with someone smaller than being with someone major?

Chris: I think promotion wise since you don't have tons of bands on your label, like they're a smaller label and they put more into their bands. They push the record a lot more. A bigger label wouldn't push it this hard.

How long has the record been out?

Chris: Since October 25. Not even six months really.

I talked to Justin on October 21. Here's a question I don't ask often. What's life like out on the road?

Justin: Better than life at home. Fun and miserable all at the same time.

Have you guys pretty much been in bands all your lives?

Anthony: Since young ages. I have. Good portion. Played in high school.

Yeah, considering that you guys are still young.

Anthony: We're the 21 band. We're all 21.

At least you're legal. When you guys were working on the record, what was going through your minds when you wrote it? Did you have a particular theme in mind?

Anthony: Nah, I really didn't. I just went with the same style I've always had. It just made itself really.

You're the singer so you write the lyrics. What kind of shit do you like to write about?

Anthony: I usually just pre-write in a way. I just get the album and I just go with what comes to my mind to write and I just use stuff from that. Then I come up with concepts surrounding the songs themselves. I like to tell stories in a way. Paint a picture for people instead of just having words. I like to make an image in your head. Something you can see going on along with the music. That's my main goal really when I'm writing.

What three songs off the record do you feel best represents the band?

Anthony: I'd say "Two Inches From The Main Artery", maybe "Force Fed Trauma", and "Truest Shade Of Crimson".

All five are in agreement on that one. That's cool. After you guys are done with the Children Of Bodom tour, what do you guys have going on next?

Justin: We're supposed to go out with A Life Once Lost, Cephalic Carnage, and If Hope Dies. Then we have some other big stuff in the works but nothing is confirmed yet so we really can't say. It's hush-hush. It's big stuff. We're really excited about it. Hopefully it works out.

I hope it does too.

Anthony: Either way we'll be on tour. Either way we're pretty much going to tour until probably towards the end of the fall. Somewhere around fall. Then time to write a new one.

Have you guys been thinking about writing a new one? One thing I've noticed about people is that they'll put out a record and then they're like "oh now it's time to work on new material" and I'm like "but you just released this."

Justin: Well, we figure by the time we record and put it out, it will probably be over a year or later.

Chris: The songs here on Bloodlust were written early last year.

Are you guys doing any videos for these songs?

Justin: Yeah, we're supposed to shoot one within the next month or two. I'm not sure who's directing it yet. We're working on it right now but it's going to be for "Two Inches From The Main Artery", the single that we're releasing from the album.

Are you coming up with the concept for the video yourselves?

Anthony: We have a lot of ideas.

Justin: Yeah, we're not just going to be in a garage rocking out.

Anthony: We want the video to be something that when you see it you remember the video itself. It represents us as a band.

Chris: You capture the live show and all of us together.

I had interviewed Andy from Every Time I Die and he was talking about how he has been writing other people's videos. He seemed to be pretty excited about that so I guess there's a living to be made off of that.

Anthony: Yeah, I have a lot of ideas for it but who knows what will actually come of it.

Well, I guess we've frozen to death long enough out here. Any other thoughts or comments?

Justin: Check out our new record and check us out on tour.

Anthony: Keep it fucking metal.

Through The Eyes Of The Dead