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Band Members:

Ravn -- vocals, drums
Archaon -- guitar
Seidemann -- bass
Frost -- drums


01. Invocation
02. Serpentine Siblance
03. Horns
04. Maggot Fetus Teeth Like Thorns
05. Misanthropy
06. Uncreation
07. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
08. Solitude
09. At The Gate

After listening to this album, I had to admit that it was quite different from their previous releases. It's atmospheric and eerie. It's definitely a bit slower and has a mixture of ambience and distortion and gives you the impression that you're in a Rob Zombie horror flick. Definitely something you have to listen to all the way through to fully appreciate. It's still as purely evil as previous releases but more haunting I would say. It's like the bowels of hell opening up and spewing forth. A lot of people complain that it's not brutal enough for their liking but does every release by a band have to be the same shit over and over? I applaud these guys for experimenting in a different direction and putting out something interesting. Not only did they go in a different direction but they still have blast beats coming when you least expect them jarring you out of your revery lest you fell into one. All in all this is definitely a dark record and 1349 has not lost their prowess for evil incarnate. And hey, they even did a dark cover of a Pink Floyd tune.