Band Website:
16 Second Stare


Band Members:
Angry Tim -- rhythm guitar, vocals
Todd Pettus -- lead guitar, vocals
Miguel Gonzalez -- bass
Ricky Sanders -- drums
Nick Marinovich -- keyboards


01. Ballad Of Billy Rose
02. Anymore
03. Stuck In The Moment
04. One More Time
05. Red Carpet Material
06. PA2001
07. Better Man
08. Smash
09. Down
10. Roxy
11. Control
12. Take Me Back
13. Goodbye

This is definitely what I call some straight out good rock and roll. They aren't reinventing the wheel or anything of that nature they know good music and that's what they deliver. They travel a twisting road from good rocking numbers to almost ballad numbers to blues and southern rock and anything in between. They produce good solid riffs and infectious grooves along with melodic numbers that you find yourself tapping your toes to. It's obvious that they're influenced by good old school rock bands of yesteryear and they add their own flourish and style. The vocalist has a nice raspy voice that fits in with each song and the instrumentalists just wail away. This is definitely a highly recommended CD.