Band Website:
Last Crack


Band Members:

Phil Buerstatte -- drums
Don Bakken -- guitar
Pablo J. Schluter -- guitar
Todd Winger -- bass
Buddo -- vocals


01. Good Mourning From The Funkhouse
02. Gush Volcano Crush (G.V.C.)
03. Blood Brothers Of The Big Black Bear
04. Concrete Slaughterdogs
05. Slicing Steel
06. Saraboyscage
07. The Last Crack
08. Shelter
09. Terse
10. Thee Abyss
11. Saraboyscage (live)
12. Blood Brothers Of The Big Black Brother (live)

I was reading something rather cool about how Buddo wrote poetry and quotes on a wall with a Sharpie and those became the lyrics for their songs. Metal Mind is basically re-releasing some really great CDs and this debut release by Last Crack is full of energy and passion and probably was the start of a good career. They sound like they had a lot of ambition and they were definitely off to a good start. I love it when people think a record cover is controversial if a guy poses nude on it. It's not like I get to see the really interesting part of any male's anatomy but Buddo's body is definitely a pleasant looking specimen. "Concrete Slaughterdogs", "Shelter", and "Terse" really got my attention. There's a couple of live tracks on this release as well that shows you what a driving force they were when they played live. I'm really pumped to hear what Burning Time will sound like.