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Jon DeRosa - vocals, guitar, harmonium, organ, bass, glockenspiel


01. I Am (The Ice)
02. LYMZ
03. Hollow Earth Theory
04. A Plague Of Frost (In The Guise Of Diamonds)
05. In Sea
06. Onward!
07. Young Light
08. Autumnal
09. Corspe Reviver No. 2
10. Instill
11. When We're Ghosts
12. Am I Demon?

It's my understanding that this music was written by a guy who lost the hearing in his right ear and this is basically how music seems to sound to him. It's amazing how a musician can take a hearing loss and somehow turn it into an interesting aural journey. He only sings on "Am I Demon?" which is a cool Danzig cover and "Hollow Earth Theory". The rest of the tunes are instrumentals. I have to admit the record fascinates me and I found myself listening to it several times. Each song has a definite feel to it and I have to admit I really like "Corpse Reviver No. 2". It has a rather nice creepy, eerie feel to it. Every time you listen to each song you hear something new and oddly beautiful. It's definitely something completely different to me and yet I like it. If you were on an polar ice cap adrift at sea you'd hear "I Am (The Ice)" playing in the background. He just manages to catch the essence of sound. Amazing.