Band Website:
The Amber Brooke Band


Band Members:

Amber Brooke -- vocals, guitar
Ellis Franklin -- drums, percussion
Logan Daniels -- bass
Michael Bass -- guitar
Corey Smith -- guitar


01. Hit The Ground
02. Paralyzed
03. Dependence
04. Poker Face
05. Stretch
06. Can't Be Here
07. Haunting You
08. Watch Your Mouth
09. Heavy
10. Birthright
11. Rusty Nail
12. Immigrant Song

Not only is Amber a musician it seems but she's also an actress and has been in television roles. She writes songs, records them, and tours with her band. They're a bunch of young people with a lot of energy and who love to play good music. They've had five of their songs featured on The Initiation Of Sarah. The CD has a lot of good tunes on it and Amber can definitely belt them out. I love the Led Zep cover. There's not really a bad song on the whole thing. This is definitely an indie band that I think people should check out.