Band Website:
Abigail Williams


Band Members:

Ken Sorceron -- vocals
Kristen Randall -- keyboards
Zach Gibson -- drums
Bjorn Dannov -- guitar
Mike Wilson -- guitar
Tommy Haywood, Jr -- bass


01. From The Buried Heart
02. Like Carrion Birds
03. The Conquerer Wyrm
04. Watchtower
05. Procession Of The Aeons

This was pretty fucking amazing to listen to. Start out with death metal and add some symphonic elements to it and some melodic elements to it a la black metal and you have a pretty good recipe for kickass metal music. These guys release a pummeling sonic assault that will definitely leave you wanting more. You'd think these folks hail from the cold, frigid climate of the Nordic regions but no, they hail from the desert region of Phoenix, Arizona. The music is nice and dark with that in your face blast beat drumming. The drummer by the way was in The Black Dahlia Murder for those who didn't know. The riffs are crushing and the vocals are definitely unrelenting. All in all this is some great shit. It's also only an EP so that means a full length is surely on its way. If this is a taste of what's to come, I look forward to it.