Band Website:
Uprising Records


Band Members:

Johnny Detroit -- guitar
Dhusty Rhoads -- bass
Easy E -- guitar
Diamond Rhino -- vocals
Rudy Rivers -- drums


01. Behold The Almighty Galactus
02. Pair Of Cufflinks
03. Call Me Animal
04. The Skyline Itself Is Alive
05. At His Best He Was A Lonely Heart
06. They Wept As They Drowned
07. Doc Bollywood
08. Werewolves By Night
09. Born Of A Broken Man

These guys hail from Arizona. The CD is short and sweet because it doesn't last even 30 minutes. They definitely get their point across with kickass riffs and powerhouse drumming. All of the songs are fairly short which is cool. They don't over do anything and you get a nice aggressive, raw sounding record. Definitely recommended.