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Peter Bradley Adams


Band Members:

Peter Bradley Adams -- vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
Lex Price -- tenor guitar, electric guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
James Digirolamo -- accordion, organ, synth
Ian Fitchuk -- drums
Marco Giovino -- drums, cardboard box, chains, cymbals
Jeff Irwin -- bass
Dave Jacques -- bass
Joe MacMahan -- electric guitar
Katie Herzig -- vocals
Sarah Siskind -- vocals
Melissa Mathes -- vocals
Andrea Zonin -- viola


01. The Longer I Run
02. Los Angeles
03. I'll Forget You
04. Under My Skin
05. Always
06. So Are You To Me
07. Ohio
08. Keep Us
09. Song For Viola

The first words that strike me are introspective and beautiful. This is one of those gems you find in your mailbox and you wonder why you didn't know about this guy before. These are well written songs sung in a soft spoken manner that just kind of washes over you gently. The instrumental music is nice and textured and I had the opportunity to listen to instruments I don't normally come across in other music. The music is nice and moody and melancholic. Definitely a nice album to listen to if you're relaxing with a glass of wine.