Band Website:
Spider Rockets


Band Members:

Helena -- vocals
Johnny -- lead guitar
Bones -- bass guitar
Dan -- drums


01. Too Far
02. Simple
03. Hate
04. Something More
05. Facing Fear
06. Reasons For Deceit
07. What I Want
08. Helter Skelter
09. Names
10. Whispers

I really dug this release. The vocalist is a lady and she's very talented at what she does. You can hear the passion and emotion that she feels when she puts her vocals into a song. I think that's the first thing I notced when I pressed play. I think the band is very talented and they're going in the right direction. I think what makes this band stand out is that they don't need complex music structures. They play rather simplistic standard riffs and simple drumwork. What they really want you to listen to is their vocalist. She is the main point of the band. And the band really has that punk attitude. That's what I really liked. Not bad at all.