Band Website:
Lock Vostok


Band Members:

Niklas Kupper -- guitars, vocals
Tomas "Tym" Johnsson -- bass
Teddy Möller -- guitars, vocals
Alvaro Svanerö -- drumsSvanerö Fredrik Klingwall -- keyboards


01. Humanitix
02. Rebound
03. Jonestown Slumber Party
04. Xerox Nation
05. Autumn Lord
06. Destruction Time Again
07. Symbiosis
08. Falself
09. Talk
10. True Deceiver
11. Gestalt

How can I describe this band? Well, it's heavy fucking metal with progressive elements. I think that describes it pretty well. The band took on their moniker from the name of a subterranean lake in Antarctica. Pretty frigid isn't it? Well Sweden can get that way in the winter months too. The band displays some heavy guitar riffs with great drumming and some rough and raspy vocals with some menacing growling thrown in. Add to that atmospheric keyboards and you have a pretty killer record. A lot of the songs chug along but there are some more speedier moments such as "Autumn Lord" and "Falself". The vocals are really the mainstay of the record. Growls, snarls, rough, raspy, clean. He does it all. I don't think you can pass this record by.