Band Website:
Temple Of Brutality


Band Members:

Todd Barnes -- vocals
Peter Scheithauer -- guitars
Stet Howland -- drums
David Ellefson -- bass


01. Lethal Agenda
02. Hammer
03. Already Dead
04. Doesn't Matter
05. Hate Machine
06. Isabel
07. Beating The Man
08. Built To Last
09. Interlude
10. Art Of War

Temple Of Brutality may seem like a new band and they are but the members that comprise the band are actually quite well known in metal circles. You have Dave Ellefson who was formerly in Megadeth along with Stet Howland of WASP and Peter Scheithauer of Killing Machine and last but not least Todd Barnes of 13-A. You've got a pretty experienced bunch there. These guys definitely live up to their name. The CD is chock full of brutal music and lyrics. It's a great blend of metal and thrash with some damn good riffage. They have an old school sound and are very in your face. Just the way you like your metal. The vocals are intense and aggressive. I think some of the best songs on here are "Lethal Agenda" and "Hate Machine".