Band Website:


Band Members:

Milad Tangshir -- guitars
Ashkan Hadavand -- vocals
Mamy Baei -- bass


01. Masks And Balefires
02. Unattended
03. Nervous Ghost
04. Alien
05. Closure
06. Drizzle Knight
07. Crimson Baby
08. Perfect Day
09. Ellipsis-Diagnosis
10. Free As A Man
11. Out Of The Past
12. Egoless

These dudes hail from Tehran, Iran. Milad had emailed me and asked me if I would listen to their tunes and I did. He told me that it was illegal for them to record this CD in their country. That's a real shame because let me tell you, these guys are good! Their music is absolutely wonderful to listen to and they have a very cohesive and tight sound. The vocals are also great. These are very talented guys whose music definitely deserves to be heard. Some of the songs are on the progressive side while others are more on the alternative side and all of them have that Middle Eastern vibe as well. Always with really intense but pleasant vocals. Please visit these guys on My Space and check out their songs. They're great!