Band Website:

Band Members:
Nick Nielsen -- guitar
Tom Hicks -- vocals, lead guitar
Justin Dudra -- drums
Deric Gunter -- bass


01. Intro
02. Ignominious Slaughter
03. Dwell Into Surreality
04. Blood Portraits
05. Slay Ride
06. Terror Kingdom
07. Storm Alert
08. Enter The Chamber
09. Whips Pt. 1
10. Whips Pt. 2
11. Deceiver

This band has been around for apparently 20 years and here it is my first time even hearing of these guys. It's amazing to find such well kept secrets. This quite a fabulous thrash/speed metal band and I imagine if you'll be so bold as to pick up this CD they will slay your ass. The album is a rerelease and it has some definitely good, fast songs on it. Hopefully with the rediscovery of this fine group of gentlemen, they'll be making some noise in a town near you.