Band Website:
Sunday Flood


Band Members:

Mike Allen -- all instruments, vocals


01. Cirrhosis
02. Corridor
03. Profesional Responder
04. Cells And Souls
05. The Mother Degenerative
06. Scientism
07. Dry
08. Audible Head Trauma
09. Untouched
10. Child Like
11. The Noises
12. Dying Words
13. I Hate It Here

This is one of two CDs by this artist that came across my desk. This may not be everybody's palate of taste. The music is kind of surreal and eerie and a bit creepy like something out of a movie about an abandoned mental institution. It would definitely be a good soundtrack for something of that sort. There's a definite Nine Inch Nails influence to be sure. It's definitely a creepy atmospheric mood with jarring guitars and synthetic looping with rather varied vocals. The lyrics are definitely worth checking out. They're very well thought out and definitely add to the weirdness of the whole record. I can tell you that you won't be able to digest all of this in one listen. You have to listen to this several times to get the full experience. If you're into experimental work that isn't run of the mill, I think you should check this out. Mike Allen plays all instruments on it as well as does the vocals and he's also the guitarist in the band Sunday Flood.