Band Website:
All That Remains


Band Members:

Phil Labonte -- vocals
Mike Martin -- guitar
Oli Herbert -- guitar
Jeanne Sagan -- bass
Jason Costa -- drums


01. This Calling
02. Not Alone
03. It Dwells In Me
04. We Stand
05. Whispers (I Hear Your)
06. The Weak Willed
07. Six
08. Become The Catalyst
09. The Air That I Breathe
10. Empty Inside
11. Indictment

This is a band that I loved the first time I heard them. Probably one of the best metal bands out there. These guys have definitely hit their stride. This release is definitely more diverse. On this release Phil really does an outstanding job on vocals. He alternates between clean vocals and menacing growls and the band showcases songs that range from metal to thrash to death metal. The guitar playing has reached a new high as well. The solos are great and the guitarists interact quite well. I think this has to be the best release I've heard from these guys yet.