Band Website:
Of Graves And Gods

Band Members:

Lance -- vocals
Shawn -- rhythm guitar, vocals
Dutch -- lead guitar
Jake -- drums
FagCHO -- bass


01. Slitthroat Andromeda
02. Scars Make Memories
03. In Our Dying Ashes
04. Heavens Death
05. Tossed Out And Tortured
06. Part I (That Which Comes Between)
07. Part II (That Which Comes Between)
08. Kyrie
09. Internal Holocaust
10. The Aftermath Of
11. When Everyone You Love Is Dead

This band hails from New Mexico and is a mixture of hardcore, metalcore, and death metal. It's a pretty solid release and I can see that these guys are influenced by a lto of bands. Bleeding Through and Himsa come to mind. The vocals are emotive and angry. The guitar riffs are crushing. "That Which Comes Between" really stood out because it's not only a raw brutal tune but it also tends to the progressive metal side of things. All in all a really solid release from these guys.