Band Website:
Another Black Day


Band Members:

Angel Hernandez -- drums
Jose M. Robles -- bass
Ernesto Paez -- lead guitar
Matt Wilkof -- vocals, lead guitar


01. Another Black Day
02. Hallowed
03. Wicked Soul
04. Take Back
05. Awakened
06. Crawling
07. Stand Up
08. Idols
09. Crickets
10. From The Ashes

This was truly a great listen. It's a fantastic blend of modern and traditional metal with crunchy and thick guitar riffs as well as solos. The drumwork is especially good and the band definitely has one hell of a great vocalist. All of the tracks are definitely well worth listening to but "Wicked Soul" definitely stands out. They definitely have a lot to offer to mainstream metal listeners. Definitely a phenomenal album from start to finish.