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Band Members:

Jonas Ekdahl -- drums
Tom S. Englund -- guitars, vocals
Henrik Danhage -- guitars
Rikard Zander -- keyboards
Michael Håkansson -- bass


01. Monday Morning Apocalypse
02. Unspeakable
03. Lost
04. Obedience
05. The Curtain Fall
06. In Remembrance
07. At Loss For Words
08. Till Dagmar
09. Still In The Water
10. The Dark I Walk You Through
11. I Should
12. Closure

I had the pleasure of seeing Evergrey once and I really liked what I heard. They are known as a progressive band of sorts but on this release they decided to just do some straight ahead metal with shorter songs and without all the tempo changes and things that go on in one song. I think the keyboards and the guitars really meld together really well on this release and the vocals are quite outstanding. There's still darkness in the music as well. I think people should pick up this disc and give it a few listens. They might find it's well worth their time.