Band Website:

Band Members:
Eddie Glass -- vocals, guitar
Ruben Romano -- drums
Tom Davies -- bass


01. Orbit
02. Loose Cannon
03. Fever Frey
04. Lightbringer
05. Future Days
06. Ghost Ride
07. The Alchemist
08. Trapezium Procession
09. Controlled
10. The Eagle Has Landed
11. Fruit Of My Soul
12. Decadent Garden
13. Wired
14. Opiate Float

Welcome to space rock. It's nice melodic music with melodic vocals, good guitar riffs, and good drumming. This is a CD that doesn't have one bad song on it. It's nice to see these guys putting out good music at a time when a lot of people think there isn't such a thing. These guys are not trendy. They are not on a bandwagon. They put out good music with good lyrics. So get on the spaceship and let's go for a ride.