Band Website:
Keep Of Kalessin

Band Members:

Obsidian C. -- guitar, synth
Wizziac -- bass
Thebon -- lead vocals
Vyl -- drums


01. Surface
02. Crown Of The Kings
03. The Black Uncharted
04. Vengeance Rising
05. Many We Are
06. Winged Watcher
07. Into The Fire
08. Deluge
09. The Wealth Of Darkness
10. Armada

If you like very brutal black metal then you will dig this band from Norway. Believe it or not these guys have been around for 10 years but we're now just getting a taste of this band. This rather melodic band is brutal, evil, and damn phenomenal. One of their guitarists was formerly in Satyricon so you know you have some talent in this band. What really got me was the great production on the album. Not what you really expect in a world of darkness and satanic evil. It's a rapid pace and technical musical foray that never loses its intensity or interest. The drumming on here is fucking insane. I am glad we finally have the Keep Of Kalessin armada within our sights.