Band Website:
A Shoreline Dream


Band Members:

Ryan Policky -- vocals, guitars, synth
Erik Jeffries -- guitar
Enoc Torraca -- bass
Sean Merrell -- drums


01. Ukraine
02. The Barrier
03. New York
04. Aftershocking

I have to admit that these guys have a good band moniker because their music is reminiscent of waves washing in on a beach or sometimes even crashing in. The music is nice and mellow and then crescendoes into a wall of sound and feeling. The vocals sort of take a back seat the effect of the music while not totally disappearing. The vocalist still makes his impact and his vocals are very airy and atmospheric which is pretty much the tone of all the songs. Out of all of the tracks "New York" is definitely my favorite. It just has such an awesome blend of guitars in it. Definitely an outstanding moment.