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Band Members:

Geoff Downes -- keyboards
John Wetton -- vocals, bass, guitar
Steve Howe -- guitar, mandolin
Carl Palmer -- drums, percussion


01. Never Again
02. Nothing's Forever
03. Heroine
04. Sleeping Giant/No Way Back/Reprise
05. Alibis
06. I Will Remember You
07. Shadow Of A Doubt
08. Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya
09. Wish I'd Known All Along
10. Orchard Of Mines
11. Over And Over
12. An Extraordinary Life

When I pressed play I was transported back in time to when I was a mere young lass and these guys were doing tunes like "Only Time Will Tell" and "Heat Of The Moment". Those guys had a signature sound and they still do. I've read reviews where people were lamenting about how this sounds like their earlier stuff. All I can say is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. These guys have a wealth of talent and a very strong progressive sound. They were always a little bit ahead of their time. People are complaining that this release is a lot more mellow than previous ones. Well, yes it is and that isn't exactly a bad thing either. These guys aren't 18 years old anymore and neither is their target audience which are those of us who grew up on this band. I mean yeah, I love heavy metal and hard rock, but it's cool to pop this CD in and just kind of mellow out a bit. I think it has a great advantage. Yeah, the rockers always made it on the radio but there were other gems on their earlier releases that never did. All in all I think it's a fantastic album and while it seems a little more mature than their earlier releases, it still has that classic sound. These boys never missed a beat.