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Band Members:

Wade Black -- vocals
Geoff Gayer -- guitars
Eric Halpern -- guitars
Pete Perez -- bass
Dean Roberts -- drums


01. I Am The Law
02. King Of The Ward
03. Behind The Gun
04. Live Or Die
05. Disconnect
06. Dr. Wicked (RX O.D.)
07. Institutions
08. Derailed
09. The Grave
10. Never Again

This band has always been an awesome band and it's so cool to have a new studio album. It's been about 20 years since we heard from them last. You never know what a comeback release is going to offer but it's got the original Leatherwolf sound and it's contemporary as well. This Leatherwolf is a bit heavier and hard edged and it's something I think old fans and new fans will like. The songs are varied and the production on this record is really good. You'll like the solos and the fast paced songs.