Band Website:
Billy Greer


Band Members:

Billy Greer -- vocals, bass
Mike Slamer -- guitar, keyboards, bass
Pat McDonald -- drums
Terry Brock -- guitar
David Manion -- keyboards


01. The Sun Will Rise
02. An Ocean Away
03. It Should Have Been You
04. Sin City
05. Always From The Heart
06. Forsaken
07. You Cross The Line
08. The Kid Could Play
09. Only The Brave
10. When Love Is Dying
11. Winds of War
12. Cold Hearted Woman
13. The Storm Rages On
14. Remember You Well
15. Love Train

This was quite an enjoyable disc to listen to. I always like the energy of a live performance. You might remember Billy Greer from the band Kansas. The songs on here for the most part are off their album The Raging Fire. You also get three bonus tracks on this release as well and I think there is also a DVD version of this that you can buy that also includes three videos. Mike Slamer wrote songs for bands like House Of Lords and Hardline. Billy Greer reminds you a lot of Steve Walsh vocally and he's backed up by some really amazing musicians including apparently his brother who joins in on a song as well as Robby Steinhardt who plays violin in the band Kansas. Definitely some great stuff here.