Band Website:


Band Members:

Mark -- guitar, vocals
Christian -- bass, vocals
George -- guitar, vocals
Steve -- drums


01. Intro
02. Voices In The Dark
03. Infected
04. Make Me Suffer
05. Lead The Blind
06. Sweet Sounds Of Corruption
07. Blame
08. Dark Ritual
09. F.F.P.
10. Waste Of Life
11. Tazer Intro
12. Tazer

This CD came across my desk for review and the total fucking thrashiness appealed to me. It definitely is reminiscent of the Bay Area thrash scene from yesteryear so it was nice to see another band keeping the faith. As I listen to CDs, I often peruse the CD covers and they were saying something on the cover about people being under the impression that as long as they have insurance in the afterlife (i.e. a belief in a higher power and prayer and sitting in the church house on Sundays), then they can do however they please. That definitely struck a chord with me because that's just how these hypocritical Christian folk are. I definitely give them kudos for that one. There are great chops on this release as well as some good solos. I really dug "Sweet Sounds Of Corruption" because I like the drums on it. The songs are nice and catchy and as I listen to the CD more and more I find myself singing along. I am quite thankful to the boys for sending this to me. Thrash on my brothers!