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Ben Averch


Band Members:

Ben Averch -- drums, bass, vocals, guitars, keyboards, loops


01. Two Places At Once
02. It Ain't Me
03. Start At The Beginning
04. The Source Of Love
05. Out Of My Reach
06. Creative Destruction
07. Love From The World
08. Hope Anchor
09. Pure Energy
10. The Nothing Shines Through
11. My Darling Ruin
12. When You Were Born
13. You Can Only Feel
14. What Holds Us Together
15. Western Sky

Ben Averch hails from Seattle, Washington and is a very accomplished musician. He's released his second CD and plays all the instruments on it. I am always amazed at how one person can create something that a band effort. The record has a very heavy prog feel to it and is a combination of electronica, prog, heavy guitar, and acoustic. All in all this is a really good release with very well written lyrics and diverse musical compositions that keep the listener entertained and basically singing along. The songs are catchy and well crafted and the vocals are very harmonious and melodic. Definitely a great combination of rock and pop.