Band Website:
Averse Sefira


Band Members:

Sanguine Mapsama - vocals, guitar
Wrath Sathariel Diabolus - bass
The Carcass - drums


01. Descention
02. Seance In A Warrior's Memory
03. Viral Kinesis
04. Cognition Of Rebirth
05. Serpent Recoil
06. A Shower Of Idols
07. Refractions Of An Unexploded Singularity
08. Vomitorium Angelis

This is a black metal band that hails from Austin, Texas. These guys are fucking black metal through and through with the corpse paint and monikers and whole nine yards. If you didn't know they were from Texas, you would think they're yet another kickass Scandavian black metal band. This is probably one of the most evil sounding black metal CDs I've heard yet. They've got blast beats aplenty but there's quite a bit of technique in there as well. There are a lot of really good riff changes and the growling is furious and enraged. These guys have been on some small labels but now they're with Candlelight which is definitely the way to go if you want some exposure. I think this is a band that people need to pick up on.