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Band Members:

Freddy Left Of Face Maradou -- vocals, oriental violin
Jesse The Infernal -- guitar
Doris Thunder Tears -- bass, background vocals
CJ Dispersed Fingers -- synthesizer, piano
Dani Azathothian Hands -- drums
Su-Nung The Bloody String -- oriental violin


01. Video Data File
02. Indigenous Laceration (video)
03. Quasi Putrefaction (video)
04. Bloody Gaya Fulfilled (live video)
05. Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing
06. Indigenous Laceration
07. Enthrone
08. Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
09. The Gods Weep
10. Where The Utux Ancestors Wait
11. Exultant Suicide
12. Banished Into Death
13. Quasi Putrefaction

This was a very fucking cool CD. This is a black metal outfit from Taiwan and they flat out rock the house. The videos were very cool. They use an instrument that I think is called an erhu and is a Chinese violin from what I understand. Their songs center around the old spirits and legends of Taiwan's history before the Chinese came along and fucked that up. It's amazing how indigenous peoples have such rich traditions and cultures and folks always come along and fuck that up because they have the audacity to think they have something better to offer. Chthonic offers us a glimpse into their past with melancholy vocals, Eastern musical vibes, and passion. This is definitely a black metal band you need to discover and savor.