Band Website:
Jeff Scott Soto


Band Members:

Jeff Scott Soto -- vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Howie Simon -- guitar
Gotsn Elmquist -- guitar, keyboards
Alex Papa -- drums
Gary Schutt -- bass
George Bernhardt -- guitar, bass


01. If This Is The End
02. As I Do 2 U
03. Holding On
04. Send Her My Love
05. Lonely Shade Of Blue
06. This Ain't The Love
07. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
08. 4U
09. Still Be Loving U
10. Till The End Of Time
11. Sacred Eyes
12. By Your Side
13. Beginning 2 End
14. Through It All
15. Last Mistake
16. Another Try

Jeff Scott Soto is an incredible vocalist and I've had the pleasure of listening to many albums he's vocally graced. Now I have this CD in my hands and it's fucking incredible. Such passion and heart which is how it should be. He even has a couple of cover songs on here that he does justice to. The guy is just flat out a vocal god. I also think it's great that he's heading up Journey. Definitely a great choice. What I love about this CD is that it's all about love and I don't think we have enough of that shit going on right now. If you're just now discovering Jeff Scott Soto, this is a good place to begin.