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Band Members:

Rob Keith -- vocals, guitar
Christoph Gerozissis -- bass
Stephanie Finucane -- vocals, violin
Craig Van Orsdale -- drums


01. A Little More Time
02. Daylight To Twilight
03. Smash
04. Caught In A Crosswalk
05. Everybody Looks Not Everybody Finds
06. Slip A Little And Boom!
07. Staying There For A While
08. Have You Seen Them?
09. It's A Red Fade That Leaves In A Warm Way
10. Where Did My Summer Go?
11. Sweet And Sour
12. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
13. Moves
14. The Apartment

Apparently these folks were releasing one song at a time before they put them all on a CD and released them all at once. I guess it was a little teaser sort of thing and definitely was a cool idea. I was pleasantly surprised with this particular CD. There are a lot of modern influences as well older ones and the music is just really upbeat and jovial. I like the alternating male and female lead vocals. It's hard for me to pick any particular songs as hardcore favorites because I find myself liking the whole thing. It's just a really fun record to listen to. The songs are catchy and melodic and there's just a whole different feel to this record. This band is definitely out of the ordinary.