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Band Members:

Anthony Raneri -- vocals, guitar
Jack O'Shea -- guitar
Christopher J. Guglielmo -- drums
Nick Ghanbarian -- bass


01. The Walking Wounded
02. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
03. Duality
04. Carry On
05. I And I
06. Choice Hops And Bottled Self Esteem
07. Head On A Plate
08. Dear Your HOliness
09. Landing Feet First
10. Thankfully
11. A Rite Of Passage
12. (Pop)ular Science

These guys lost their original drummer a little while back and managed to turn a tragic situation into something meaningful and positive on this record. The music is nice and melodic and has good riffs and hooks. The lyrics are well written and passionate as well as expressful. Something that caught my attention on this record was the use of horns. I thought that was pretty innovative and from what Nick has told me they've really worked on evolving their sound quite a bit and I think they really have taken this band to the next level. Evocative lyrics, great music, definitely an awesome release.