Band Website:
Bernie Bernie Headflap


Band Members:

Alan McCabe -- vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul Chell -- 12 string guitar
Joe DeRosa -- drums
Mike Carr -- drums
Tim McCoy -- bass


01. Abandon The Run
02. The Strong Emotions Game
03. Time! Set! Hour!
04. The Bastard's Anthem Is On!
05. Mortimer
06. The Loners
07. Welcome To The Bemusement Park
08. Really Awake
09. Partycanonplay!
10. A Compromise Was
11. Dr. Fagen And I
12. Laughing Lessons
13. Living In Generica
14. Remix Of The Sphinx
15. Eyes
16. Fairuza
17. More Like Hawks
18. All The Mother
19. Too Loud The Laughtrack 2000
20. 20 Voices From The Grave

This CD took a while for me to get into. The music is very frenetic and almost frenzied at times. It definitely has elements of punk in it. The band is very tight and the musicianship is definitely quite good. There are definitely some good pop tunes on here as well. It was definitely a fun CD to listen to and I really enjoyed the lyrics as well. This stuff is a little different but definitely very cool.