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Jeff Harper -- guitars, bass, keyboards, synth, drums, percussion, french horn, trash can, vocals


01. Let There Be Shred
02. Devastation One
03. Liquidate
04. The Ghost In You
05. Hero's Anthem
06. The Forgotten
07. One Is
08. Flood (Hydrophobe Mix)
09. Over & Over Again
10. Minuet
11. Borrowed Wings
12. Deify
13. Gemini Mine

I've said in the past that every once in a while a parcel will arrive on my desk and I will find a gem. Something that isn't my normal fare of music. Something entirely different that gets my attention. Well, Jeff Harper is the latest guy to do that. This dude has worked with the likes of Madonna and New Order and that's pretty impressive. He writes whatever he feels like writing and his music can be metal or electronica or jazz or rock. You find all that stuff on his CD. The songs are such a variety of different styles that you aren't bored. It definitely has a somewhat techno feel to it and I can imagine people gyrating on the dance floor to this stuff. Keep this shit coming because I definitely like it.