Band Website:
Crimson Glory


Band Members:

Midnight -- vocals
Jon Drenning -- guitars
Jeff Lords -- bass
Ravi Jakhotia -- drums, percussion


01. Strange And Beautiful
02. Promise Land
03. Love And Dreams
04. The Chant
05. Dance On Fire
06. Song For Angels
07. In The Mood
08. Starchamber
09. Deep Inside Your Heart
10. Make You Love Me
11. Far Away

I got an awesome stack of discs from Clint Weiler to review and I've been working my way through the unbelievable music he has sent me. I have a voracious appetite for music because I have to have it. Whether in the car, at home, or at the gym I must be satiated. This is a re-release of Crimson Glory's and Midnight just has an incredible fucking voice. I remember being told by Ben Jackson that these guys wore face plates as a gimmick. These guys don't need any gimmicks because they just flat rock. It's remastered and it sounds great. The musicianship is great, the vocals are great, and the harmonies are great. Yeah, these guys were prog metal but could also do great at rock as well. I think "Song For Angels" is a great ballad and once again shows me how great Midnight's vocals are. This CD is definitely a blast from the past and I'm glad to have given this a listen.