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Band Members:

Nergal -- vocals, guitar, bass
Baal Ravenlock -- drums


01. Chant Of The Eastern Lands
02. The Touch Ov Nya
03. From The Pagan Vastlands
04. Hidden In A Fog
05. Ancient
06. Entering The Faustian Soul
07. Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron
08. Wolves Guard My Coffin
09. Hell Dwells In Ice
10. Transylvanian Forest
11. Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)

Once again Metal Mind Records have sent me some awesome re-releases and this Behemoth CD was originally released in 1995 with two guys doing everything. This CD is probably viewed as the best of their releases because it is totally black metal. It's got great production so you get the full effect of just what these two dudes can do. When these guys put this record out, it was raw black metal that had a unique sound all of its own. Evil shrieking vocals, blastbeats, a lot of keyboards, and some great riffs make up this package. If you're a Behemoth fan and you don't have this release, you need to get it.