Band Website:
Lord Belial

Band Members:
Thomas Backelin -- guitars, vocals
Hjalmar Nielsen -- lead guitars
Anders Backelin -- bass
Micke Backelin -- drums


01. Prolusio: Acies Sigillum
02. Sons Of Belial
03. Chariot Of Fire
04. Abysmal Hate
05. Legio Inferi
06. Mark Of The Beast
07. Armageddon Revelation
08. Scythe Of Death

Lord Belial is a band that's been around for a number of years, 10 to be exact I believe. This CD was quite an impressive one and very well produced and well done for a black metal record. The vocals are very what I'd call brooding and dark and menacing over the down tuned, slower tempos. It's definitely very melodic and you can tell that they definitely made it a point to give their all on this release. There are some female background vocals here and there which add to the rather evil atmosphere of the whole production. Some people feel this release is more a nod in the direction of death rather than black metal but overall I think it probably works in both genres. I think for people who being introduced to the band for the first time, this is definitely a solid release and I think you'll be interested enough to go back in their catalog and pick up previous releases.