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Band Members:

Mirek Gil -- guitars
Tomek Rozycki -- vocals, guitars
Adam Milosz -- keyboards
Przemas Zawadzki -- bass
Wlodek Tafel -- drums
Satomi -- violin
Robert Sieradzki -- vocals


01. What Is Love
02. Needles In My Brain
03. Liar
04. Pain
05. Seven Days
06. Coming Down
07. Don't Tell Me
08. Hope To See Another Day

This is a band out of Poland and I played one of their tunes on my radio show. Great symphonic rock music. What adds a cool thing in the mix is the violin that's added. Two of the guys in this band are from other Polish bands so you have some versatile, experienced musicians who have gone down another trek. With good guitar riffs, good harmonious vocals, and great melodies, this CD is a sure pleaser for people who like melodious rock. The songs are varied with good grooving tunes, ballads, and the use of violins and piano. On top of all that you have dark lyrics. I feel that "What Is Love" and "Seven Days" are probably the best songs on the record. People definitely need to check this band out.