Band Website:
Bella Noir


Band Members:

Wilneida -- lead vocals
Laura -- bass
Gary -- electronics
Ruben -- drums, percussion


01. Try
02. Stand Closer
03. On The Floor
04. My Son
05. Bellow

New York really puts out some good bands. Those folks aren't afraid to experiment with music. This band is definitely what I'd call eclectic because you can't really label them as anything in particular. I guess they're almost gothic in that their music is dark and ambient. Their musical backgrounds are pretty diverse and at the same time their music is extremely cohesive. Their songs build up into a wall of sound that totally engulfs and enchants the listener. All of their songs have atmosphere and an ethereal quality to them. I love the vocalist's voice. She sounds so haunting on all of the songs. It's almost as if total despair comes dripping out of your speakers. The bass lines are interesting in time signature but are definitely at one with the rhythmic drumming. Great guitar textures. I like the song "Try" a lot. You get this haunting voice with mostly drumming at the forefront and then all of a sudden everyone joins in for this huge wall of sound. I love the way they work that. Their music is totally intriguing and captivating. This CD is definitely worth a listen.